Ferrandino & Son, along with our in-house companies BlueSky Paving and Enterprise Signs, continue to lead the multi-site industry in continuing education, presenting the topics that will deliver value back to you and the programs you manage. Please join us in an upcoming webinar or request a custom presentation for you and your team.

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WEBINAR: Asphalt Asset Management – Building a PMP

Thursday, October 29, 2020 1PM-2PM EDT
Do you have a Pavement Maintenance Plan (PMP)? This webinar will show you how you can turn one of your largest assets into a budget win through cost-avoidance strategies while extending the life of your assets through strategic planning. This is a webinar you can’t miss if asphalt management is a goal for 2021 and beyond!

WEBINAR: Signage 201 – The Advanced Class Webinar

Thursday, November 19, 2020 1PM-2PM EST
In Signs 101 we learned the basics like sign industry overview, sign codes, sign types, lighting technology, types of sign programs, and materials and technology. That explained the “What.” Signs 201 goes into more detail about the “How” and focuses more on how signs are manufactured and installed. How are the different face materials utilized and graphics added? How are different types of channel letters manufactured and why would you use one type over another? How to properly coordinate site audits and what information is critical to capture? How do you create a brand book or family of signs to create consistency across your footprint? And finally, how do you create a budget for rollouts and programs?

WEBINAR: Congratulations, You’re in Charge of Your Sign Program!

Thursday, December 3, 2020 1PM-2PM EST
Your boss steps into your office and says, “You’re now in charge of our sign program for hundreds of locations. Let me know if you need anything.” And then walks out. Do you panic? No, you sign up for this informative webinar with insider information about running effective sign programs from the perspective of a 30 year sign veteran. What goes on behind the curtain when you ask your sign partner to coordinate a large multi-million dollar program? What do you need to know? What pitfalls do you need to avoid? How do you stay on schedule and under budget? Sign up for this webinar only if you want to be successful and get that promotion you’ve been working hard for.

WEBINAR: Capital Projects 10 – From ADA to Permits and Closeouts

Thursday, December 17, 2020 1PM-2PM EST
Do you execute capital projects for your company? If you do, join us for a long overdue session where we walk through exterior capital projects from design and permitting to managing ADA compliance guidelines and local municipalities who have their own ideas about your properties. Leveraging our Project Managers from BlueSky Paving and our National Construction Division, we’ll walk you through our processes and how we support multi-site companies. We’ll share strategy tips on securing permits and identifying the times when you may not need one. We’ll share some stories of clients who have leveraged their landscaping and asphalt together, driving down overall costs by combining two separate capital budgets. If capital planning is on your radar, this is a must-attend webinar for you.

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WEBINAR: How to Gain Project Funding from Your CFO

WEBINAR: How to Gain Project Funding from Your CFO

Presented By: Kevin Smith, COO In the retail environment, any upcoming project or program that involves funding will need to go through the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) before the project gets off the ground. Although facility management professionals, FMs, and their...

WEBINAR: Snow Removal RFP Best Practices

WEBINAR: Snow Removal RFP Best Practices

Presented By: Kevin Smith, COO Description/Learning Objectives: The most successful snow removal programs start in the summer during the RFP process. On June 6th, Ferrandino & Son presented their annual Snow Removal RFP Best Practices Webinar. Updated with the...

WEBINAR: Dark Store Management Best Practices

WEBINAR: Dark Store Management Best Practices

Presented By: Kevin Smith, COO  Description/Learning Objectives: Many retailers are faced with the challenge of how best to manage their dark properties.  Whether the location is a closed site or tenant occupied or even undeveloped real estate, managing the facilities...