With the light of warmer temperatures and spring becoming clearer at the end of the winter tunnel, the start of landscape season will be upon all too soon. For those in the more tropical climates this may signal the start of a more active growing season, but for the majority of the country it means it’s time to put old man winter to bed and to kick start those dormant landscapes. Depending on where you are when to schedule a Spring Clean Up will vary, but typically this is taking place in March or April, after the threat for accumulating snow has diminished.

Across the landscape season there are several milestone services that occur, but the one that starts them all is the Spring Clean Up. So, what should you expect to see in that first spring service and why are they happening?

Accumulated Debris

To really put the clean in clean up the first thing to look for and expect is for bed and lawn areas to be cleaned of any accumulated debris. This would include the removal of any leaves, trash, branches or other types of debris that has accumulated over the winter.


Winter has a way of wreaking havoc on plants, and often snow or snow removal activities can damage even the healthiest of plants.  As part of the Spring Clean Up look to have any damaged branches removed and it’s reasonable to anticipate that any smaller items that have died will be removed completely.

Plant Fertilization

As the days grow longer and temperatures begin to climb plants leave dormancy and begin to actively grow. While the Spring Clean Up work will be a few weeks ahead of plant growth it’s important to give them the nutrients they will need. A complete, low nitrogen product is a great choice.

Bed Edging

One of the things that promotes a crisp and clean look to the landscape is well defined edges to planting beds. Manually re-defining the areas where planting beds meet turf will provide that feel of organization.

Cutting Back Perennials

Often times the remnants of last season’s ornamental grasses or perennials will linger into the spring. To invigorate new growth in these species and to keep in the theme of cleaning the landscape these plants should be cut back and the old dead material removed.

As the seasons change, so will our focus. While surviving snow was last month’s mantra, the days ahead will shift to building curb appeal and kicking off the start of landscape season. The first step to a successful one is an effective Spring Clean Up.

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