The Best Fit For Your Collaborative Partnership

Simply hiring vendors to do a job isn’t a sufficient way to nurture strong vender-partner relationships. Collaboration on both sides is an absolute necessity. Everyone must be a team player and respect must transpire both ways. The building blocks of any business consist of a simple strategy, but also strong capable relationships that will stand the test of time. All of your vendors offer something useful to your business. However, it takes careful planning and knowledge to apply your resources appropriately to each sector of your business, so growth and success can be achieved.

Vendors and partners are an extension of your business and cultivating strong partner relationships takes time and persistence.

The status of your business relationship matters

Vendors and partners are an extension of your business and cultivating strong partner relationships takes time and persistence. The main differences between ‘partner’ and ‘vendor’ relationships are in the actual word itself. As a partner, you’re working relationship coincides with each other’s motives, while satisfying the client’s needs, versus when you’re working in a vendor relationship.

In vendor relationships, competition is going to be a component within that rapport. To make certain that your vendor relationships are solid, you must conduct and go through a checklist that indicates your business relationships are on a stable course.

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Relationship Checklists

Every business has their own checklists, and there’s no “one true list” that is the epitome for all businesses and brands. However, your list should suggest topics of vendor-business trust, industry expertise, growth potential, pattern of resolutions, values, and of course pricing – just to give a macroscopic idea of what to validate. Again, it is important to note that communication that transpires to-and-from both parties through phone calls, emails, scheduled meetings, and participation of key decision-makers, and alike, encompass pivotal factors that will influence your business alliances. Pay attention to red flags that scream major relationship flaws. For example, if a potential vendor or partner has a pattern of missing scheduled meetings, this can be a sign of future issues with delivery and deadlines. Investing time for proper business-introductions can go a long way towards building and maintaining favorable professional partnerships.


The Ground Rules

Like a real kinship, business relationships between you and your vendors or partners should have certain values in common. Finding comradery between your vendors and partners that match your style of doing business in today’s everchanging climate is tricky. Making sure to ask about specific business-framed values that align in the general scheme of costs are all valuable elements in any business-relationship journey. For example, vendor pricing is usually set unless you negotiate for bulk services or programs. On the other hand, working with partners on the best possible deal so you can reduce costs provides significantly more value. Although, don’t be the one in the relationship that constantly nags and haggles. Your partners won’t appreciate the communicative time being spent on price negotiations that become a constant topic of conversation. The philosophy behind keeping and growing your professional relationships involves keeping your financial influences in a positive mode. Keep in mind, you’re not just investing for services or solutions, you’re investing towards the partnership’s future success, expertise, communication abilities, and their reputation.

Overall, when approaching your partner and vendor relationships, approach them through a simple point-of-view. Practicing good partnership standards today, means a more valuable partnership for the future.


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