5 Property Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Follow

5 Property Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Follow

5 Property Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Follow

Details Matter…For Brand Image

When we look at the anatomy of a landscape season, our focus typically migrates to what we often identify as milestone services. “Has the Spring Clean Up been completed?”, “When are we scheduled for mulch?” or “Has the irrigation system been activated?”. All are common questions we hear from our clients. These are also among the services that are the most closely tracked. While these deliverables are without question critical pieces of any program, the truth of the matter is that the things we often bundle into “routine services” by far represent the bulk of what occurs across the year and what ultimately drive your properties’ exterior brand image.

So, once you’ve checked the box on that last Spring milestone service and the focus shifts to mowing lawns and controlling weeds, take a look at the 5 Property Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Follow. These details are often overlooked, but can make a big impact on how a site represents itself.

Follow These Tips for the Perfect SITE Property:

1. Hard Surface Weeds

The landscaping doesn’t stop at the edge of the parking lot. Few things look worse than weeds growing along curb lines, in parking lot cracks, or against the foundation of a building. Keeping these unwanted plants at bay is easy and relatively cost efficient.

2. Don’t Forget the Grass Edges

A recurring schedule to edge along sidewalks and curb lines can make a world of difference. Grass growth encroaching onto hard surfaces can make a property that is otherwise maintained well look average.

3. And the Other Grass Edges

That’s right! It’s not just keeping grass off the curbs and walks. Using a line trimmer to keep bed lines crisp represents well and can be impactful to the overall aesthetic of a site.

4. Don’t Be a Sucker

Okay, so maybe it’s not about you being a sucker but those random branches that pop up along the trunk of a tree or along its base are called suckers…and they have to go!

5. Out With the Dead

It happens, plants die. Cars hit them, snow piles crush them, foot traffic wears them down. While it may be too late to save a dead or dying plant, it’s never too late to have those eyesores removed from the landscape. While ideally, a replacement would be installed, its generally better to have no plant versus a dead plant.

Now Your Site is Perfect!

Now that you’ve thought about these 5 property maintenance tips everyone should follow, you can leverage this information as the majority of the landscape season is still in front of us. Placing some focus on the details of routine services can make a world of difference and be a real differentiator between you and your competitors.

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