Managing your Drain Lines

Managing your Drain Lines

Managing your drain lines

Maintaining and Managing Drains

‘Out of sight out of mind’. That’s the problem with the drain line. What we can’t see will hurt us. When the drain line backs up everything connected to it backs up with it.

There are many drain lines within a building and they come in different sizes for different applications. Regardless, they will all need and should be maintained. Depending on what the drain line is used for will determine what type of maintenance is required. For example, a drain line to a hand wash sink in a washroom won’t require as frequent maintenance as a drain line to a sink for a hair wash sink. When you own a business, you should consider having a maintenance plan in effect to protect your company or business from that dreaded blockage that can cost you money in down time. Our plumbers can review your situation and make recommendations to suit your needs.


Having a service or maintenance plan for drain lines may not sound practical but it is prudent. The nature of your business will determine the best plan for you. Keeping drains clear and free flowing is vital for any business. A good plumbing company will be able to offer drain maintenance and drain cleaning for the commercial sector and they will have the proper equipment to do the job. Here are a few examples of maintaining your drains:

  • Main drain maintenance and inspections.

  • Small fixture drain line maintenance and inspections.

  • Floor drain inspection.

  • Cleanout inspections.

  • Vent inspection.

  • Grease trap inspection, cleaning and repair where applicable.

  • Storm water drain line inspection.

Maintained Drains Last Longer.

No matter what the problem may be, your local plumbing professionals will have the best tools for the job. To diagnose major issues deep within drains, technicians utilize high-tech camera systems to spot blockages several feet beneath the surface. Once they’ve spotted the problem, they can then use high-pressure water jetting to penetrate through thick grease, sludge or roots that may be disrupting water flow. All of this is done without being invasive and without major disruption to business operations. Maintaining and managing your drain lines is one of the most important parts of owning a business. Being proactive will help avoid problems down the line – literally!

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