Case Study: LED Lighting Retrofit — Distribution Center

Case Study: LED Lighting Retrofit — Distribution Center

The Customer:

A premier kitchen and bath distributor twice named America’s “Wholesaler of the Year”. The company is responsible for supplying some of the most exclusive residences, opulent estates, hotels, landmarks, sports stadiums, hospitals, and universities in the Northeast.

The Objective:

This distributor needed a solution to reduce both energy and maintenance costs while improving current light levels at one of its largest Northeast distribution facilities.

The Challenge:

Review both their existing interior and exterior lighting configurations and components (Interior-T12-Lamps, Magnetic Ballasts: Exterior–HID/HPS Lamps, Magnetic Ballasts) to decipher a more cost effective solution. After review, we recognized that a traditional retrofit approach of replacing these outdated components with upgraded lamps and ballasts would not achieve the cost-effective improvement required.

The Solution:

We offered an LED retrofit installation program to replace the existing outdated 943 interior T12 fluorescent lamped-fixtures with new high-performance, long lasting, energy efficient LED Tubes, and the 33 exterior HID/HPS fixtures with new energy efficient LED fixtures. The Project Management Team executed this retrofit on time and on budget.

The Results:
  1.  An immediate reduction in maintenance costs estimated at $23,000 annually for the next 10 years due to both the products rated life (60,000 hrs.) and their multi-year warranty.
  2. An immediate reduction of energy usage by 68% AND an estimated $40,000+ annual utility cost savings based on the U.S. average retail price of electricity of $0.1032.
  3. An annual reduction of 303,000 lbs. of Greenhouse Gases emitted into the atmosphere.
  4. This installation qualified for the maximum $63,000 Energy Improvement and Extension Act 2008 (EPACT) tax deduction for capital improvements.

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