Strategic Tips for Your Next EV Charging
Station Install

Several factors influence charging station installation costs, which can often exceed the entire unit’s price.

Consider the following factors to help determine and prioritize station site practicality and the best methods to increase visibility when installing your property’s charging station.

Understand Your Electrical Connectivity

Before installing your charging unit, think
about the current electrical services available to power the station. Properly aligning your connectivity is probably the most significant factor when installing your EV station.

All new charging station fittings should have a load analysis performed on the host or facility’s electrical demand to decide if there’s enough capacity to add EV charging stations.

For example, level 2 stations will need a steady stream of about 240-volt (40 amp) to generate efficient power. If you lack the necessary voltage to run the station, upgrading your electrical service will add costs to your overall installation project.

Lastly, consider the distance between your electrical panel and where you would want to install your EV charging station. If you desire to install your charging station farther from your main point of entry, this could mean an increased cost towards your installation because it increases the amount of necessary trenching and conduit to re-wire for full functionality.

To help understand the electrical layout of your commercial space, reach out to a certified contracting partner. Your partner can help you review your facilities’ electrical routes to inform your decision-making process

Leverage Your Parking Lots to Strategize EV Installations

Although it’s desirable to limit the amount of distance between your electrical panel and the EV charging station, a charging station close to prime parking or entry points may impact your unit’s usage.

For example, placing charging stations near parking spaces behind a building might prevent its use since they might not be readily visible. On the other hand, other customers may complain if you install a charging station right by prime parking spaces that often remain vacant because of a lack of EV driver usage. Also, charging stations in prime parking spaces are more likely to be occupied by non-EVs.

One way to mitigate your parking lot frustrations is by contacting a paving partner like BlueSky Paving. They can help transform certain areas of your parking lot for charging while safeguarding certain prime parking spots for non-EV patrons.

Additional EV Unit Considerations

Finally, some other considerations that have less impact on EV installation costs but are essential to take note of include how people use your charging station and how they can pay for its service.

Be sure to think about the charging cord’s path when in use, so it’s not a tripping hazard, and consider your parking lot management practices when integrating your station, especially if your locations are in colder climate regions.

If so, be sure the charging station will not impede pavement cleaning or snow plowing. For example, avoid installation spaces where you pile snow or where you store your equipment. You want to have clear access to the charging station.

Also, pay attention to how you or a third-party will control fees and payments for using the station seamlessly.

Remember, EV stations can be an added boost to increasing business traffic across your portfolio, and you want to keep things as simple as possible


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