Stefanie Driscoll, ProFM

Leaning Into Change
Your Supplier Candidate for the Connex Board

Why I am running for a Board position with Connex?

Ask me why I am running for a Board position with Connex and the answer is that simple.  Leaning into change!!  Change has enveloped our entire industry and I want to help Connex lean into that change throughout 2021 and beyond.

This industry was never something that I anticipated landing in after college over 16 years ago but I will say that it has been the most rewarding career someone could ask to have experienced.  I am honored to have been selected as a candidate on the ballot for the Board but I also know I don’t want the journey to stop there.

Over the last few years, I have become more involved with Connex, especially the Women in Action Committee, which has created many new relationships and a motivating factor that has me on this current journey to be a part of the Connex Board. I am a process driven individual but I also have the skill set to maneuver quickly when the need arises, which in today’s climate is a requirement for all leaders.

I believe there needs to be a significant focus on mentorship within Connex as I know that every member could benefit from that like I have in my career.  When I am not helping Ferrandino & Son lean into change, my time is spent with my husband of 13 years, my wonderful daughter and son and my close friends who are the oxygen that help me get through every day with a positive attitude.