Tracking upcoming snow events and their potential impact on your portfolio is only one component of your overall technology solution.  By leveraging multiple solutions, you can forecast, react and plan for any size event, positioning your resources where you may need them the most.  

Review the 5 areas where our latest technology helps the

multi-site industry throughout the winter.

FAST Assessment

How do you assess more than 10,000 properties, capturing traffic patterns, preexisting damage, property boundaries, snow staging and more than 40 other key indicators that will help you convert your scope of work into a snow plan for each property?  Ask us about FAST Assessment, the industries only bi-directional integrated software that is backed by Snow Tracker. 

Weather Now

10,000 properties in more than 4,200 unique zip codes, with weather updates that change every hour, presents a challenge to ensure mobilization and placement of service crews are ahead of every snow event.  Weather Now, Ferrandino & Son’s own weather tracker, takes more than 4,200 weather reports every hour, analyzes them and then assigns probabilities for snow to fall, how much and when and then provides real-time alerts to clients and providers alike to ensure crews are responding as needed to maximize performance in the field. 

Mobile Me

How do you track and validate services as they are happening?  For Ferrandino & Son, our Geo-Fenced Mobile App Mobile Me allows crews to document services, take pictures, report concerns and provide field conditions in real-time.   

Snow Tracker

After the event, how do you measure thousands of service partners across the country, identifying opportunities for improvement, close out work orders and prepare your billing in days and not months?  Snow Tracker, the hub of our entire snow platform, allows us to provide on-demand reporting, instantly generate vendor partner scorecards, capture service exceptions and immediately provide billing and accruals, eliminating out of period billing completely. 

Sourcing Pro

Does your workload increase or decrease when the season is over?  If you are treating snow as a year-round service, you should see an uptick in work when the last snowflake falls.  Leveraging our platform Sourcing Pro, we will download every pre-season walk, in-season site inspection, every vendor partner scorecard and more than 800,000 data points collected over the snow season. 

We’ll assess our performance, how we managed the worst-case scenario snowstorms, track equipment breakdowns, and material costs and from that, will begin to layout our service strategy for the following season.  The success of our next season hinges on the work we will complete over the Spring and Summer.

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