Risk Management 

Do you know where your risk sits? Risk isn’t the person slipping and falling.  Your risk is in not properly documenting the snow process.

Explore our 3 concepts that help

multi-site facilities throughout the winter

Scope of Work

How much time to do you spend on your scope of work? 

Here at Ferrandino & Son, we spend months vetting our supplier partner scopes of work.  Our operations team puts in more than 100 hours every season modifying and tweaking the scope to reduce and minimize potential liability if a claim were to happen. 

Our Legal then provides additional oversight, measuring every word and phrase to ensure we are no opening up ourselves or our clients to unnecessary risk.  


How much time do you spend auditing the insurance documents of your vendor partners? 

Our compliance team vets more than 12,000 different insurance policies every year.  They scrub for tendencies that certain carriers have, identifying gaps in snow insurance and completed operations. 

The average portfolio of 400 properties has an investment of more than 2,000 hours from our team.  

Service Validation

What does your service validation team look like and how do you leverage it to reduce your risk? 

Our Vendor Relations Group, which numbers more than 40 team members, supported by Program Management and their 70 plus account team, validates every service provided at the local level, documenting service times, temperatures and local conditions. 

When the inevitable claim does occur, our teams have thousands of metrics to leverage to help mitigate any potential risk. 

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