Planned Disaster Recovery 

Treat Your National Snow Program as a 12 Month Service 

Learn how to develop a solid foundation for your snow program! 

Our Approach

We start by treating snow removal as Disaster Recovery.  That means investing 4 times the resources on planning for failed services, broken down equipment, epic snowstorms and unimaginable temperatures.  All scenarios that will occur and may occur in scale.  

The Ferrandino & Son difference means turning a purely reactive program like snow removal into planned maintenance through 20 plus years of continued improvements.  Elite Strategy converts to Elite Performance. 

Boots on
the Ground



Best Practices

Risk Management 


Components of a Snow Program

Our Snow Programs are customizable to any region of the country and any sized portfolio. Pick and choose the right components to build out a personalized snow program. Predict and plan using the latest technology in weather tracking. Create a safe place for customers and employees without worry. Learn more about our snow components more in-depth below.

Webinars From The Experts

2020 Snow Removal RFP Best Practices

The most successful snow removal programs start in the summer during the RFP process. Updated with the latest trends in validation, mobile compliance and risk management, Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Smith, leads the conversation as he shares his more than 18 years of experience managing consolidated snow removal programs. This webinar includes guidance on topics ranging from scopes of work to the benefits of seasonal pricing

Build Your Best Snow Program

What do you want your snow program to look like? Curious how the rest of the multi-site industry may be doing it? Contact us for your private showing and take a journey with Kevin Smith, COO of Ferrandino & Son, where he will share with you the recipe on managing a snow season built in partnership with some of the largest and most respected multi-site companies in the country. He’ll take you behind the scenes of how they qualify local providers, what the pre-season preparation looks like and then will take you through a demonstration of an actual snow season!

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