Boots On The Ground

Ferrandino & Son offers one of the largest team of Territory Managers in the commercial snow industry. Positioned in the markets they support, they provide a variety of support tasks year-round for your snow removal program, including pre-season equipment checks and property site walks, vendor coaching and real-time site visits during snow events and post-season closeouts and conditional property assessments.


Plan Today For A Safe Tomorrow

In today’s risk-avoidance culture with corporate facilities teams reduced significantly, most companies don’t have the resources to personalize the management of local snow removal crews.  Ferrandino & Son, as an extension of your facilities team, provides that quality control that simply doesn’t exist in a corporate, localized solution. With over 40+ Territory Managers with an additional 35 traveling Site Supervisors, we are available around the clock to prepare your business for any winter storm!

Our Process


Preparation for the snow season begins months before the first snowflake falls.  Ferrandino & Son Territory Managers will walk properties with the local service crew, developing a service plan that is unique for that location. 

Critical areas of service are identified on customized site maps, including preexisting damage, traffic flows and potential staging of equipment or supplies.  The blueprint for a successful snow season has now been drafted.


Once the snow starts, quality control walks ensure the services you are paying for are being delivered to specifications. Concerned about employee and customer safety? These walks are critical to strategies around when your portfolio should close and more importantly when it is safe to open again.


When the snow stops falling, a Ferrandino & Son Territory Manager will walk your property to inspect for any damage, ensure any equipment or materials are removed, and ensure the entire property is turned back over in the same condition it was before the snow season began.

Survey Reports

We survey each lot, identifying any concerns with the layout that might inhibit operations. We will ensure our service partners understand the scope of work and every critical component required to provided the safest possible conditions during every snow event.

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