Scale Your Landscaping Capital Projects


When venturing into your next capital projects, whether you want a full portfolio refresh or a standalone location update, partnering with a trusted landscape vendor will help you achieve the right information to structure the right budget across multiple sites in your portfolio.  

 Knowing and utilizing these capital project best-practices for your landscape will protect your capital budget while delivering other saving opportunities.  

Let's Scope It Out!

The scope of work is essential to complete for any landscaping capital project.  

 You need to level-set your landscape, see what’s available, and begin to identify opportunities to improve your current project’s objectives. To do this, you need a Territory Manager to physically walk your properties to identify the areas of opportunities needing repair.  

 Once a scope is submitted, it’s up to your stakeholders to review and ensure they capture the essence of what you wanted to accomplish. It’s good practice to have a reliable Project Manager (PM) to take the reins to ensure communication and outcomes accurately.  

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Permit the Permitting Process

A separate critical step when committing to your capital projects involves engaging with your local municipality.  

 Across the United States, municipality codes vary within landscaping refreshes. Obtaining your permits is necessary, even if you’re replacing an existing plant material or removing mulch.  

 If a permit isn’t required, that’s actually an added benefit and convenience. Unfortunately, this is never the case.  

 The entire permit process will often go through several board reviews before approval, requiring lengthy waiting periods. A more straightforward solution is letting your landscape partner manage the permitting process for you. 

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

The following few details incorporate several other factors into your landscaping capital projects.  

A Purchase Order (PO) is needed, so items are clearly defined and approved to establish the project’s cost. Additionally, to keep track of your finalized project plans, software solutions, like Jira or Basecamp, should be used to ensure your project planning and process visibility.   

Additionally, checking Irrigation is a critical component of any landscaping capital project, especially if you’re installing any plant material.  

Remember, running multiple projects in parallel can often deliver a greater bang for your dollar! 

Completing your capital projects can be a great ordeal. However, it doesn’t have to be.  

 Before starting a landscape capital project, confirm and execute your project goals with your national contractor from the start so you can safeguard your process.


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