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A National Facility Maintenance and Construction Services company that provides services to more than 35,000 locations across the United States.

FAST is “service automation” delivered through 12 software platforms that integrate everything from service delivery to asset management. FAST brings together every aspect of your facility program into one easy to use system that delivers a more consistent, quality service

FAST Tools

FAST is a set of automation tools integrated together to provide an end-to-end solution for our Facility Partners. Match the service or services with the automation tools by contacting a Ferrandino & Son Relationship Manager today.

Auto Vendor Payments

This vendor-facing platform automates our vendor partner payments allowing more than 80% of our partners to be paid in 9 days from invoice approval.

Client Portal

This client-facing platform provides data around services delivered, Mobile App check-ins, proposals, invoices and dozens of other metrics

Compliance Manager

This vendor-facing platform allows our vendor partners to download insurance certificates, background checks, I-9’s and other contract documents.

Procurement Tools

This vendor-facing platform provides easy input for our vendor partners to provide quotes, check on bid opportunities and track awards in real-time.

Mobile App

This is a vendor tool that tracks services in real-time using proprietary geo-fenced technology for instant validation of work performed.

Proposal Manager

This platform provides our Territory Managers with the ability to document, quote and report on potential out of scope items at a property level.

Reporting Manager

This client-facing platform provides real-time reports in hundreds of formats covering thousands of different service metrics.

Snow Tracker

The ultimate in storm tracking, this platform is integrated with more than 10,000 local weather stations, our geo-fenced Mobile App and captures more than 500,000 service validations every winter.

Supplier Portal

This vendor-facing platform offers invoice submission, payment validation and vendor profile management through a secured portal.

Survey Manager

This web-based platform provides proactive inspections of facilities on a recurring basis and is used more than 65,000 times a year across all of our facility programs.

Training Manager

This internal and vendor-facing platform provides online training for technical and soft skills with a focus around safety on the job.

Work Order Manager

This platform is an asset management, service tracking, cloud-based platform that drives maintenance transparency resulting in lower costs and improved service.

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