Quick Tips: Aligning Your Sow With Your Permitting Process

Permitting for an improvement project can
be confusing, expensive, and

Frequently, costly building requirements
can range from delays to other nuisances
towards the owner or lessee. With proper
advocacy, you can avoid some of the
conditions that don’t apply to your projects.

Proper knowledge about your plans and
having the right discussions and petitions
to the city can bypass lost times through
the municipal comments and corrections

Your Scope-of-Work (SOW) is the first step towards helping to mitigate the permitting process.

Outlining Your Scope-of-Work (SOW)

Having a clearly defined SOW helps your
permitting process by making it more
straightforward and allowing an easier
chance to correct your plans when you
receive comments and corrections from
your review.

There’s nothing more annoying than
getting rejected or flagged for a minor flaw that can stall your review process for
something that you could’ve avoided
before submission.

An SOW not only outlines the main project
components you wish to lift but can also
identify out-of-scope opportunities that
can potentially disrupt your plans during
your permit review.

Permitting Process Flow

The typical permitting process varies from each geographical location. However, for the most part, you can expect to come across a flow that consists of the following:

  • Develop Permit Drawings

  • Fill Forms & Pay Initial Fees

  • Wait: 2-weeks for Review Comments & Corrections

  • Re-submit Corrected Plans

  • Wait: 2-weeks for additional Comments & Corrections (this step can repeat multiple times)

  • Begin Approval for Each Department: MEP, ADA, etc.

  • Receive Additional Department Corrections

  • Resubmittal

  • Final Stampout & Pay Fees to Obtain Permit

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Proper Resubmission Responses

When responding to your plan’s comments
and corrections, there’s a constant need to
explain the scope and challenge the
assessor’s statements.

By connecting with the right National GC,
rectifying your issues can become a more
straightforward process because they’ll be
the liaison to communicate with the
municipality so you can continue to focus
on other responsibilities.

The following are some quick tips to help
support your permitting workflow:

  • Connect with a National GC

  • Make sure your partner is well-versed with your municipality guidelines and procedures

  • Communicate objectives clearly Ensure SOW marks all necessary field conditions and upgrades

  • Have a reporting workflow in-place

It’s important to note that any attempt to
change your permit drawings after
obtaining your permit can add months to
your project.

Also, failing to recognize inaccurate SOWs
and plans can lead to unnecessary work
and more costly delays.

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