Protect your Portfolio’s Growth
with the Confidence of a National GC

There’s no lack of reports on how the current global pandemic changes construction safety regimens on job sites worldwide, which include the economic impact on the construction industry itself.

Among COVID-19 and the oil surplus that has impacted the natural resources infrastructure and exploration and production projects, many experts suggest that we won’t know the real impact on the construction industry until well into 2021.  

Support From a National GC

Like a weather forecast, construction executives depend on what’s called a “cone of uncertainty” to characterize the possible risks, including varying levels of economic decline and speeds of recovery.

Contractors must manage risk in terms of demand for their services and the real risks in each project they undertake.

Such requests require accurate, timely information, discipline, and a mature approach to identifying, monetizing, and mitigating risk beyond some contractors. 

What Construction Executives Should Be Thinking About

Entering a post-pandemic era of construction is not an easy task. Project teams designing and constructing their built environment will need to work differently and make differences that help project owners mitigate the risk of periodic disruptions from fire, flooding, and yes, even though global pandemics.

Beyond the usual work safety measures, contractors should help project owners evaluate the desirability of providing cost-effective and nimble solutions so institutional environments can adopt some of these tactics towards their specific industry, like:

  • Supplying sanitary measures
  • Ability to scale time effectively to lessen the amount of exposure and contact
  • Determining client-focused themes and engaging them across their portfolio

Inspiring a Rapid Growth Plan

In order to grow your client’s portfolio during challenging times, contractors must consult intelligently with their customers based on the risks identified and monetized over the useful lifecycle of the assets they’re building.

Be sure that your next national GC can quickly fill your program’s gaps and losses needed to revamp your Brand to expand upon new markets.

Finding the right partnership to reboot your success story is the first step in overcoming difficulties.

Many contractors have built out maintenance and facilities management capabilities, and now, as project owners seek ways to navigate in an uncertain future and contractors seek long-tail revenue, it’s time for more contractors to start leaning into change.


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