PM Program for Brand Improvement and Spend Reduction

One of the many benefits of having a Preventative Maintenance (PM) handyman program is that it not only drives down your overall reactive spend it also improves the overall brand scores of your portfolio.

Most recently, a sizeable multi-site retailer with over a thousand properties wanted to improve their portfolio while reducing their overall repair spend by initiating a PM program that could provide a consistent service plan on a weekly to monthly basis while streamlining the repair time of their routine maintenance needs.



The client had a portfolio consisting of 1,100 multi-site locations across the country. The first course of action was to provide the right visual inspections across their geographical footprint to accurately pinpoint the needed repairs.

During this process, we provided a checklist and scoped out additional overlooked property issues. We also noticed some of their higher traffic locations required parking lot and signage repairs and incorporated that into our inspection checklist.

Since those scopes of work were part of our primary service divisions, we were able to deliver value outside of a traditional handyman program.


Since the client wanted an established maintenance routine, we provided a scheduled-out plan for both the routine inspections and the workflow of reactive repairs as they are needed.

We then aligned our technician workforce to deliver all of the services.


We lifted the program over a 45 day period and then put in place a quarterly business review to oversee the results and make continuous improvements to the program.

In the first year, they saw a 17% reduction in maintenance spend due to our implementation of the program.

The client also saw a 28% reduction (comparing the second year to the previous year before the program started) and ultimately added three years onto the contract based on the first two years of success.


Maintenance Savings

17% reduction in maintenance spend

Program Comparability

28% reduction compared to the second year to the year before the program

Successful Additions

+3 years onto the contract

When looking towards reducing your plumbing expenses, seek out a nationally recognized contracting partner to help level-out some of your concerns.

By doing so, you can expect to accomplish more savings and increase your network while having the comfort of knowing highly-vetted professionals in the industry are providing the right amount of services for your portfolio.