Operational Advantages to Clearly Defined Scopes


To remodel your building means to change the structure’s original appearance to evolve and adapt to the new purpose and function of that structure.

The benefits of launching a remodel program are apparent. You could be redefining your sales floor to increase revenue. Maybe you are initiating a much-needed refresh as your facility has become stale. Regardless of the motivation, a strategic plan to lift an initiative of this size is critical.

However, before beginning a construction project of this kind, there are several things to be aware of to help reduce costs, improve project timelines, and most importantly, avoid costly delays.

What's in Your Program?

Let’s start with the basics. We already know that the Scope of Work (SOW) details the plan explaining a project’s expectations to a team completing a particular construction contract. Any well-written scope defines the who, what, when, where, and how of the project.

Your construction partner’s responsibility includes scoping out required materials, equipment, project milestones, and planning deliverables—so the SOW must be precise, clear, and complete.

How does this apply to your remodeling project? Let’s review the following areas:

    • Program Development
    • Permit Management
    • Demolition
    • Live Store Remodels

When you partner with the right national contractor, all the above bullet points are pretty much handled accordingly to each remodeling project. You won’t have to worry about construction permit complexities or any other details required for such a task.

For instance, there are different methods to consider for every program because no one program fits each facility. If a large multi-site retail chain wants a full remodel/refresh across its portfolio but still wants to maintain its business operations, its program has to involve a Live Store Remodel Program.

Not only will the national partner already have the skills to demolish your space appropriately for your brand’s function, they’ll also have the unique skills to complete the task without disrupting business operations required for any live remodel project.

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Best Practices

It’s crucial to vet your national GC partners thoroughly before choosing to work with them. Asking the finer details about their business practices and about the remodel project itself can help you prepare them and yourself for your upcoming improvement project. 

You want to be sure that your national partner is well-equipped to handle the task and acknowledge your budgetary needs. More so than ever, your commercial remodels are not just about the beauty and business functionality but includes the sustainability and the efficiency the remodel provides to the brand.

Best practices incorporate proper communication, project experts, planning, and investment prospects to create the best outcomes for your remodel program.

Better Outcomes

Achieving the best operational advantages from your remodeling project occurs through maintaining a clear style of communication. There are several check-points contractors can monitor to make a positive difference.

Whether you’re an experienced contracting firm or a company new to the industry, keeping a consistent workflow standard should be a standard for any part of the job.

Look and invest in contractors that show a range of capabilities and that show good management habits from the very beginning of the remodeling process so that you can receive the best outcomes. 


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