Project Theme

When retailers are tasked with a project that involves multiple locations, time constraints and a fixed budget they are focused on putting together the best plan of attack for success.  The CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, delivers the message crystal clear; “The biggest sources of opportunity are collaboration and partnership. We need to expose ourselves to that as a matter of doing business.”

Executive Summary

Ferrandino & Son recently partnered with a major retailer on an electrical project involving more than 650 locations nationwide. The three goals of the program were clearly defined:

  1. To create a seamless transformation
  2. In a short period of time
  3. With the most cost-effective solution.

Understandably, these goals are universal whether the retailer has 1 location or 10,000 locations.

Project Challenges

Creating a seamless transformation often makes the most focused individual feel like they have 15 balls in the air while they coordinate store personal, contractors, parts and lift deliveries, permits and inspections while keeping a positive customer experience. As retailers continue to decrease their personnel, they rely on trusted partnerships to assist in managing the process. Big picture, what did that mean to the retailer and Ferrandino & Son.

Step #1 – Strategy – We created a plan and stuck with it (until we coouldn’t!). Dates, times and location. With only 3 months to complete all locations, a detailed plan was key, but it was also achievable. All strategies must be realistic to meet everyone’s expectations.

Step #2 – Communication- Weekly reports with photos gave all team members confidence the project was on time and deadlines would be reached. Quality assurance is key for both the retailer and Ferrandino & Son.

Step #3 – Honesty – We all know things occur on both sides… lifts not delivered, store personnel doesn’t show to open the door, trucks break down… When something goes awry, it is imperative to create a quick solution, and get back on track immediately.

electrical case study

Ferrandino & Son’s Solutions

Even though the project may be seamless on paper, timing is everything. As stated above, the project needed to be completed in 3 months, but the real hurdle facing this project was the installation schedule which was done in 2 phases over a 4-day period.

Ferrandino & Son’s technicians were required to begin the process by moving electrical lines on day 1 and then go back to the location on day 3 or 4 to complete the installation once the coolers were delivered. Talk about mandatory collaboration and partnership.

Ferrandino & Son dedicated a team to oversee the electricians and communicate progress with the retailer daily coordinating access to the floor, making sure lifts were delivered and setting the stage for success for the electrician.

Both teams agreed the objectives were to come in under budget, while finding long-term savings for the retailer. As the first few locations were completed, Ferrandino & Son’s Electrical Project Manager realized two important things: cost savings could be accomplished if the electrician worked from 5 am to 10 am, instead of the overnight and changing the wire gauge from 12 to 10.

These small, but important changes, resulted in significant savings not only on this project, but future projects. The morning shift reduced the personnel requirements by the retailer and the wire change protected the retailer’s equipment and offered longevity.  Also, these changes were implemented across the entire project and every other service partner who was working on the program.


As stated, partnership truly plays a significant factor in success. The collaboration of all departments results in a successful project focused on a seamless transformation while protecting the customer experience. Creating a timeline that is aggressive, but achievable and working together to find savings in the program offers both the retailer and Ferrandino & Son long-term benefits.

So where do we go from here. Ferrandino & Son is excited to announce we have been slated to complete another 600-location project and believe this new opportunity was only achieved through collaboration and partnership.