Maximizing Your Landscapers Performance


To deliver the best results for your landscaping, would it be enough to hire a local vendor and have them deliver on the scope? Instead, would you hire a roofer to build your entire house?

The reality of landscaping is that, like building a house, there are many different parts within its scope of work requiring many vendor partners with specific skills.

To maximize your vendor’s performance, you need to have them deliver the scope that best aligns with their experience and then set performance goals around those services.

By following this course, you’ll see significant improvement in your supplier’s performance and better success in the overall delivery of the scope of work.

Roofers Make Bad Plumbers

If you don’t want to hire a roofer to do your plumbing, why hire landscape mowing companies to perform complex irrigation repairs?

Unfortunately, your portfolio likely receives much of its irrigation work from companies with little to no experience in irrigation.

When engaging with a national partner, it’s vital to identify the right service partner for each work scope. Identifying the right service provider ensures you’re maximizing the performance of every crew on your property.

Maximize and Measure

Another way to maximize your landscape crews’ performance is to develop a clear set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that measure performance across various metrics.

By measuring specific KPIs, primarily through mobile apps, you can respond faster to out of scope work orders and performance field surveys to identify one-off opportunities at individual properties and start to identify potential trends or gaps in your scope of work.

However, KPIs are not enough to measure the scope as a whole. You also need to report the results and coach the suppliers on the results. By holding the right supplier accountable for the right scope of work, you’ll benefit from a more well-rounded solution.

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Inspect What You Expect

How often do you inspect the work of your service partners?

If you’re partnering with a national company, it’s a requirement that their field teams inspect your properties every 4 to 6 weeks, which ultimately benefits you in the long-run.

As we discussed earlier, once you match with the right crew to the right scope of work, and you provide them goals on their performance, the inspection walk becomes the final box to be checked.

From these walks, you can start to determine what’s working with your scope and where you may have opportunities to modify/adjust to drive savings and enhance the overall Brand.

By initiating a comprehensive inspection program, you can maximize the individual suppliers’ overall performance and the program as a whole.

Get What You Pay For

The landscaping industry has changed, and accepting poor performance due to unqualified crews is unacceptable. Looking at every aspect of your scope of work and assigning the right crew to each element is the benchmark for successful programs today.

Of course, all of these predicates on a clearly defined scope of work. Leverage your relationships and ensure you have a scope that fits your entire portfolio and the geographical nuances that exist.

Once that table sets, demand an execution plan that maximizes every service partner to deliver some portion of the landscape services.

You’ll see the difference in your customer surveys and the feedback from your teams.


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