Make Your Supplier Collaboration Chain Reach New Heights

As a leading procurement leader within the Facility Maintenance (FM) industry for over 25-years, we’re creating new collaborative pathways through different experimental avenues each day, so that we can manage better business priorities that are more prepared and streamlined. When your procurement functions are aligned with broader strategies, the value of your proposals increases. Understanding this integral value plays a part towards building better commerce, and as leaders, our mission is to continue this expansion across a wider supply chain.

Building effective and long-term relationships with suppliers takes time and practice.

Communication Works If You Work at It

A global survey revealed through a study that supplier relations are underutilized tools when delivering business values. Keeping this in mind, when we think about outsourcing product value, we find that the value outsourced to suppliers exceeds by 40% within stable industry norms. Consequently, your organization’s relationships with its suppliers can tip the scales of profitability in a drastic way. So, how can we gauge and improve our supplier collaborations to the fullest? One of the obvious ways is, is to promote clear and consistent communication patterns. Building effective and long-term relationships with suppliers takes time and practice. Communication should be applied on the grounds of an equal partnership. Undermining your supplier’s trust can turn the relationship combative. Remember that your suppliers are an extension of your organization, and are entitled to the professional respect that’s deserved.

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Uphold Your End of the Bargain

In addition to clear communication, your organization needs to value the trust bridged between the supplier and the services they’re delivering. In turn, the trust is further strengthened through proper supplier contractual payments, which should be done in a timely way. In a positive contract setting, both parties should understand and uphold their obligations fairly, and the best way to ensure satisfaction is to utilize the vendor contracts to its fullest. Meaning, taking every advantage to clearly spell out the specific terms of your purchase relationship, so everyone knows what’s on the table from the very beginning.

Always Review and Then Re-Review

To err is human is an idiom that many should remember to empathize. Our human nature isn’t to be ‘perfect’, but rather to improve and build so much it seems as if we’ve perfected our output. Learning to avoid as many errors as we can is best done by regularly practicing the act of reviewing. Taking the time to measure and review the performance of your suppliers encourages vendor accountability, and helps your organization to reduce and improve costs, and overall customer satisfaction. Think of the process as an exercise in continual vendor-supplier relationship improvements. When you clearly outline supplier expectations, and report the results with them, you’re providing your vendors with feedback that they can use to exceed your expectations, in order to deliver additional value.

Improving your supplier relationship is smart business. Strong relationships between your organization and its suppliers are true industry net gains. Statistically, businesses with the most advanced collaboration strategies outperform their competitors in growth metrics. You end up reaching new heights within your business, and become the main organization your suppliers want to do business with.


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