Leverage Portfolio Growth and Stability Through a National GC

Forecasting disruptions to your business is almost always hit-and-miss. Many senior-level construction leaders do their best to predict possible business risks, levels of uncertainty, and economic decline, but sometimes those things are mostly out of our industry’s control.

One way to help determine the right solutions for your portfolio’s future stability is by partnering with a national GC.

By having the right national GC by your side, you will have a more accurate sense of time-sensitive information, better strategies, and a streamlined approach towards identifying and leveraging specific outcomes to your advantage.

The following case study represents how a client sought our assistance during the beginning of the pandemic and how our approach strengthened and re-focused their portfolio for the year ahead.



A client whose construction plan stalled during the beginning of the COVID pandemic lost more than 40% of their local GCs and needed assistance in rebooting their construction program.

To maintain their portfolio and lessen any further losses and delays in their construction projects, the client needed our steadfast approach towards leveraging their labor resources.

By signing and partnering with our business to fill in the gaps, the client could finally take on new markets as they prepare for a rapid growth plan in 2021 and beyond.   


Our strategy first involved maintaining the current labor while incorporating our database of skilled and vetted technicians to take on the remainder of the client’s portfolio to continue their workflow and deliver on their project timelines.

Next, we properly scoped out new and exciting opportunities for several of their facilities to gain additional traction and focused our programs around results-driven themes and methods that can help stand against potential future economic challenges across their portfolio.


By creating the space for a solid partnership between the client and our services, we determined the most critical necessities their portfolio required within a short time, which helped accelerate and complete 100% of their current builds.

By planning a rapid-growth strategy, the client streamlined their future projects, saving more than 13% compared to their prior year’s average project size, and could easily predict a continued increase of new builds by the end of 2021. 



100% Project Completion


Continual increase by the end of 2021 


Saved 13% more compared to the prior year 

By creating a sustainable development strategy, you can realize a significant improvement in your portfolio by allowing your partner to strategically align a project plan that will feed your development pipeline without negatively impacting your capital budget.

Developing a partnership and adapting to new ways of thinking will help improve results and maintain a lasting impression for your portfolio.