Winning at Irrigation Management Just Became Easier


The average irrigation system will disperse about a half-inch of precipitation or 14,000 gallons of water per watering, so it is important to have an irrigation management plan in place to prevent overuse while still providing adequate watering to your landscaping assets.

We recommended having a rain sensor installed to signal the irrigation system to pause watering during or after a rain event. Pausing your system can save you thousands of gallons of unwarranted water usage throughout a landscaping season.

In addition, rain sensors that utilize evapotranspiration can reduce water usage levels by adjusting watering times based on temperature, humidity, and ground moisture levels.



A client was having an issue with improper landscape water coverage. While inspecting their irrigation system, we found that the operating pressure was 63%, while their PSI was above 60.

The high PSI level was causing the irrigation heads to mist, creating insufficient water coverage. The client was also running their system longer to provide adequate watering to their landscaping due to the mist evaporating before reaching the landscaping.

The client also experienced trouble with faulty irrigation systems throughout their 200 sites, with each system having its own set of unique issues. Some of the problems included outdated or broken irrigation controllers, backflow components, irrigation heads, valves, and piping.

The client’s case presented a significant number of costly projects that needed to be handled by a national irrigation management company rather than managing each project on a site-by-site basis through local contractors with varying levels of experience, resources, and qualifications.


To solve the client’s problem, we installed pressure regulators to verify each irrigation system per zone was operating at its optimal pressure. Then, by rigorously testing each unit, we confirmed functionality until all zones were working correctly.

We then replaced any broken or inefficient heads and parts as part of our diagnostic check. Lastly, our specialists replaced any broken PVC piping with black polyethylene piping, a more durable and flexible material that can withstand chemical and environmental stress while being resistant to cracks. 

In addition to the repairs made on this system, we also leveraged our irrigation technicians and resources throughout the country to quickly set up a project plan to update all 200-sites with new controllers.


Since the repairs (and based on their historical spending analysis versus current trends), the client realized immediate and long-term savings.

By utilizing a national partner’s services, the client reduced their water usage by 20% for their irrigation and landscaping needs.

They also saved over $400,000  through upgrading their faulty controllers and outdated parts, which created better water efficiency and reduced reactive costs over the course of 20-years.



Saved over 20% of water usage


The client saved over $400,000 via new upgrades


Reduced costs over 20 years

By connecting with a partner with specialized resources throughout your company’s footprint, you can extend your irrigation systems’ life span for years to come.  

Landscaping plays a critical role in your business brand, and irrigation issues could cost you hundreds – or even thousands – in unexpected costs per property if not identified and repaired quickly.

Trust your system maintenance to a leading national irrigation management company to start providing value and savings for your facilities today!