Investing in Powerful Supplier Relationships to Foster Growth

Creating valuable partnerships provide opportunities to amplify favorable benefits and values. It’s no surprise that the most successful businesses are dictated by the relationships they harness. For the most part, with so much that goes on within our daily business agendas, a lot tends to be forgotten and left out. However, how you make your business partners ‘feel’ is never forgotten and brings attention again to the important narrative of fostering positive business outreach.

Strong supplier relationships make smart financial sense.

Suppliers supply the backbone towards gaining cost advantages

Strong supplier relationships make smart financial sense. Companies can reduce exponential costs by merging its vendor pool into smaller strategic partners, by consolidating their purchasing activities. According to a Hackett Group statistic, the top performing companies witnessed over 2x fewer strategic suppliers than their low-performing competitors. This means, by merging vendor pools, a more streamlined and efficient supply chain can reduce internal workloads and diminish costs, while increasing opportunities through their economies and other spend. Thus, organizations can obtain better pricing, lower accessory costs, and boost their bulk-buying power.

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Remember quality over quantity

For many large companies, procurement from their vendors may represent up to 65-80% of their total costs. It’s also an investment in an organization’s time and influences many aspects of your capital spending. Ensuring a consistent and trustful relationship between you and your supplier is vital to a company’s success and the quality of service being given. A collaborative Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) strategy extends substantial prospects to recognize several improvements like service quality, billing errors, and late deliveries. Nurturing collaborative relationships with a solid SRM strategy performs continuous checkpoints for improvement and benefits multiple investors or stakeholders.

A collaborative Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) strategy extends substantial prospects to recognize several improvements like service quality, billing errors, and late deliveries.

Don’t steal from yourself by buying what you don’t need

Companies that possess strong supplier relationships will ultimately lower their overall transactional costs. When you condense your suppliers, the less you manage, and the less total costs involved to set up a supplier in your internal systems decreases as well. Additionally, the cost of time, energy, and other commercial transactions also significantly decreases. Re-centralizing your SRM strategy reduces the overall numbers of your data and gives back your power and control over your billing processes. Plain and simple: it’s fewer hassles and fewer contracts to negotiate. It’s estimated that contract negotiations can take up to 50% of procurement time. By lowering the number of suppliers to a few strong leads, gives way to less time doing mundane administrative work, which frees allocation time for more strategic tasks.

Studies have suggested that SRM strategies will be crucial to a company’s success rate over the next 3-5 years. However, many companies face challenges in terms of using best practices to grow their success story. By utilizing saving measures and limiting supplier pools, you’ll be able to slowly assess other avenues that can be redefined and condensed, which will guarantee the strong relationships you want and more importantly, want to keep in the long haul.


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