Handyman Programs Crushing Savings Goals For Multi-site Companies


From general carpentry to flooring services to even the most minor repairs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a strategic partner to handle your preventative maintenance needs for you?

Having the right FM partnership not only gives you 24/7 access to local service providers for all those pesky repairs, but it can help streamline all your repair needs into one point-of-contact through a Preventative Maintenance Handyman Program.

So, let’s dive deeper into the reasons and benefits of a handyman program to understand the services provided and how the program can benefit your maintenance budget.

The Anatomy of a PM-Handyman Program

So what exactly is a PM-Handyman Program? Well, like any other Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP), your handyman PMP fits the repair needs that match your multi-site portfolio.

These programs help create a customized maintenance solution that reduces reactive work by upwards of 30% by reducing the average cost-per-repair by more than 40% simply by fixing the smaller issue before it becomes a larger one.

For example, suppose you’re a national retailer whose doors and gates are critical to your day-to-day operations. By implementing a Handyman Program, you can be assured that their weekly/monthly checklist will make inspecting those assets a critical component of their work, helping to catch smaller issues before they become larger repairs.

Additionally, handyman programs are of high interest if you have multiple lease-ending or closed locations in your portfolio because they help maintain the facility as required in your lease, reducing any large one-off repairs at the time you are ready to vacate the building.

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Two-Types of Program Options

The two traditional ways of developing your PM-Handyman Program are through a direct visual inspection of specific items only or a set amount of time for each inspection to cover a more extensive inspection list plus often allowing for the time to make small repairs.

Visual inspection programs can help identify opportunities for risks, but their limited scope prevents leveraging the greater value of initiating a program in the first place.

If you opt for a traditional preventative handyman program, you will be positioned to define a more strategic overall approach to the inspection, and it will also allow you the chance to be proactive with the smaller repairs.

The tech repairs the issue on the spot while inspecting other faulty or damaged areas by providing feedback on overall site conditions, safety code violations, and other proactive repairs.

The Main Value of a PM-Handyman Program

The greatest value of a preventative Handyman Program is by identifying and repairing issues before they become an official service request and the ability to perform scheduled work while on location.

When your handyman technician arrives for his routine visit, they will not only perform their inspection and make any repairs needed but will also look for possible issues not previously identified.

For example, the tech arrives for his routine visit but notices one of your signage lights isn’t working. Perhaps they notice a developing pothole in your parking lot, or they see that your fire extinguishers are past their inspection date. In both scenarios, they can help you get ahead of a possible larger issue.

Your handyman technician knows that repairing or calling out these out-of-scope issues can reduce the chances of them becoming larger issues in the immediate future. Thus, your handyman helps to mitigate those repairs early on, which benefits your maintenance budget in the long-run.

By standing up a preventative Handyman Program, you get the chance to drive down costs while improving the overall brand—a win-win for your company.

Consider engaging with a trusted partner who can help you develop some best practices for a future handyman program.


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