Ferrandino & Son, Inc. announces results of 6-month soft release on GeoCode Application

Ferrandino & Son, Inc. recently announced the results of their 6-month soft release of their new vendor-facing GeoCode mobile application. “This was a collaboration of so many parties that the list of thanks is endless” said Kevin Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Ferrandino & Son, Inc.  “Our vendor partners were so critical to the app’s development. Understanding their needs around service validation and the technology requirements in the field is priceless.”  With the support of their Program Management and Development Teams, Ferrandino & Son, Inc. developed and launched their proprietary GeoCode App, allowing for real-time onsite validation of services.  “The term ‘soft release’ refers to the application only being available to vendors and internal employees,” said Smith. “Now, as we move into 2016, we’ll scale the use of the GeoCode application across all of our services and client portfolios. We are extremely excited to see this tool become another value-add for our overall service solution.  This will be a difference maker for Ferrandino & Son, Inc. as we continue to push ourselves for faster and more accurate data collection of services delivered.”