Gaining Quality Control Through A Managed Program


Having the advantage of a quality landscaping partner secures your Brand’s aesthetics through the benefits of a lawn maintenance regimen.

However, how do you validate that the services you are seeking meet your end-result expectations?

Here, we explore why engaging with the right landscaping partner allows you to manage your asset’s quality control while delivering results across your multi-site portfolio.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Implementing quality control protocols with a trusted landscaping partner, whether its routine maintenance or enhancement opportunities, is important to maintaining your Brand appeal.

Be wary of partners who lack the knowledge to understand your Brand, or even your vision, when auditing your site.

Wouldn’t you prefer a trusted partner who understands your portfolio’s needs to evaluate your project’s outcomes?

A national landscape partner can lead you to success by following these basic principles of quality control:

  • Recognize the goals of the program.
  • Identify the best execution strategy.
  • Set up validated check-points throughout the process.
  • Utilize resources available to validate completed work.

Executing the scope of work by validating each service along the way is important in maintaining accountability while delivering successful outcomes.

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Technology Drives Accuracy

Your Landscaping partner has the responsibility to document and record every detail necessary for a successful outcome.

Utilizing technology helps sustain your quality control efforts by helping to document your site inspection process.

Some examples of commonly used proprietary software methods include: 

  • Site Inspection tools
  • Geofenced Mobile Applications
  • Client and Vendor Portals
Applying these tools and applications will support the quality control process and provide the photographic evidence and reports for each service to create peace of mind for both parties while validating the service completion.

Additional Layer of Resources

An additional resource that helps to benefit your quality control inspection performance is the Operation Team.

They help streamline communication, invoicing, and other necessary responsibilities that provide structure and balance to your projects—thus giving you the confidence that your site inspection is handled thoroughly by every possible avenue that’s required to achieve an excellent outcome.

Again, it’s important to acknowledge that you can have all the benefits of an accurate site inspection by aligning your landscape with a managed program through a national contracting partner.

By implementing a strong validation process within your landscaping program, you’ll set your quality control standards high while delivering your landscape project completions and expectations on time.


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