Orchestrated and Repeatable

When you execute more than 200,000 work orders a year, you develop a pattern of activity that refines the process from initiation to completion over and over resulting in a workflow that is unmatched in the industry.  

Workflow Process

Work Order Dispatch

The process begins with the work order being loaded into our proprietary software platform leveraging our integration software.  The work is then prioritized based on the client’s own SLA’s and then assigned to procurement for triage and dispatch.


Scope of Work Confirmation

After the initial work order is loaded in, we confirm the scope of work by reaching back out to the creator of the service request and reviewing the scope of the repair while simultaneously triaging the work to ensure scope and priority.


Accept or Decline Work Order

The third step involves confirming the scope of work aligns with our core services and once completed, we will accept or decline the work order to ensure the SLA timelines can be met and we understand the outcome for every service call.


Procure and Assign Technician

Once we accept the work order, we then begin to vet the scope against the technician’s capabilities and do a final review of the scope, which includes discussing possible equipment and materials that will be needed for the job.


Dispatch Technician

Once a technician is dispatched, the client is notified via their work order platform or other preferred method and the site location Manager is also informed so they have visibility into the timing of when the technician will be onsite.  


Monitor Technician On-Site

Once the technician is onsite, we will work closely with them while they troubleshoot the issue, determine a possible solution that makes sense while considering a gold/silver/bronze repair based on the best outcome for the client.  


Confirm Service Complete

Once the repair is complete, the client onsite is notified by the technician to ensure satisfaction and the repair is then updated in the work order platform (or other preferred method) so that it can be validated and closed out to ensure compliance with the SLA.


Location Follow Up

In addition to closing out the ticket and the technician confirming satisfaction, our own Quality Control Team will also connect with a local stakeholder to ensure their satisfaction with the entire service experience.  


Invoice Client

The final step of the workflow is the invoice process executed by our dedicated client billing team, which automates a vendor payment and closes the entire ticket in our system and the client’s, ultimately closing out the job as fully completed.  


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