Work Order Cost Management (WOCM) for Enterprise Solutions


Leveraging estimating, job controls, scheduling, project management, technology and strategic material purchasing, WOCM delivers the lowest cost-per-ticket solution for every maintenance call. The ultimate Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Work Order Cost Management

Clients come to us because they want an engaged solution. They want a strategic partner who can scale their business to support their ever-changing needs across the country. They come to us because they are finished chasing artificially lowered hourly rates that don’t deliver a low-cost solution. By delivering an operational model that is orchestrated and repeatable, grounded in delivering the best value, you end up with a strategic partner who is working with you to deliver the best possible outcomes.   


Cost Control Processes

Call Triage

Benchmarked by multiple industry associations, our triage process provides that critical first touch on every work worker. The dedicated Account Team will ensure that the proper priority is assigned and the scope of work is clearly defined. The ability to downgrade non-emergencies is crucial to the overall cost management strategy of the program.


Tech Assignments

Once the call triage is complete, we can be assured that the technician we are dispatching is qualified for the scope of work. This helps define if a leak is a plumbing issue or a roof issue and also can define if a minor plumbing issue needs a license tech or a handyman. Crucial to the overall cost management strategy of the program.


SLA Reporting

Understanding your average spend per trade is a key component of a cost management strategy. However, understanding those same average spends by SLA provides a deeper understanding of where you are spending your money and there your opportunities may be to reduce costs through a more strategic approach.


Average Cost-Per-Ticket

The days of measuring a maintenance program by the hourly rates is long gone. In its place are a multitude of cost analysis strategies all focused around the average cost-per-ticket. A true measuring stick, it removes the noise around what the hourly rate is and better defines the value of your strategic partner.


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