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Don’t get fooled by artificially lowered hourly rates.  Leverage an industry benchmarked triage process that drives down the average cost-per-ticket and delivers a sustainable maintenance program for your entire portfolio.  

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As an industry leader in facility maintenance, we are often looked upon as a resource for supporting the continuing education of facility programs.  As such, our team of category experts continue to publish content both on program strategy and service best practices.  To explore some of this content, click the below link and review our educational portal. 

PM Program for Brand Improvement and Spend Reduction

One of the many benefits of having a Preventative Maintenance (PM) handyman program is that it not only drives down your overall reactive spend it also improves the overall brand scores of your portfolio.

Handyman Programs Crushing Savings Goals For Multi-site Companies

From general carpentry to flooring services to even the most minor repairs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a strategic partner to handle your preventative maintenance needs for you?

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Ongoing Plumbing Expenses

Plumbing services are among the most expensive maintenance services you or your business could pay for, and you want to avoid drowning in all the fees and costly rates if you can avoid doing so in the first place. Read these top 10 plumbing tips to help you avoid costly plumbing fees and overall expenses!

Leveraging Plumbing Best Practices for Long-Term Maintenance Affordability

Maintaining your plumbing requires significant attention to detail, and if not adequately prepared or knowledgeable, you might find yourself with a hefty repair bill in the thousands. To lessen some of the financial burdens is to seek a reputable national contracting partner to make sure all your plumbing basics are covered.

Case Study: Utilizing Best in Class Triage Solutions for Valuable Outcomes  

Call Triage processes are valuable strategies for companies who do not have the resources to triage every one of their service calls or go more in-depth with their approaches. We do this for thousands of work orders every week, so the process inherently continues to mature and improve every work order, every week per request. 

Increase Work Order Efficiency Through an Improved Call Triage Process

When you connect with the right FM partner, you’ll notice key differences between an ordinary vendor dispatch system versus a Vendor Partner that encourages a Call Triage process. A call triage process goes a step above and beyond just sending out a technician, allowing for more first-time repair visits and less time and cost spent on the repair.

Drive Long-Term Savings Through Cost-Per-Ticket Analysis

When it comes to assessing an FM Program, we have discovered that cost-per-ticket KPIs set a better tone in measuring long-term savings. The difference between evaluating a service program from the perspective of the average cost-per-ticket (versus the hourly-rate charge), may be the biggest difference between providing savings, versus budget reviews.

The Secret to Lowering Your Maintenance Costs

The true cost of a maintenance program should never break the bank. The difference between evaluating a service program by the average cost-per-ticket versus the hourly rate you’re being charged might be the biggest difference between staying within your budget goals and having to explain why you went over budget. Learn More.

Fighting COVID-19 With Your HVAC System

Fighting COVID-19 With Your HVAC System

Unfortunately, we have all been affected by this terrible virus. It has changed our everyday lives and how businesses manage their facilities. Many states are in the process of or developing plans to, reopen nonessential businesses. With that being said, it needs to be done safely.

Everything You Need to Know About Floor Drains

In the family of indoor plumbing, people often overlook floor drains. Commercially floor drains are typically located on the floor in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements or anywhere there is a possibility of water being spilled on the floor where it can cause damage or a hazardous condition.

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