EV Charging Stations are Driving Profits and Improving Company Images

To cost-effectively install charging stations, site owners should consider how much use they can expect and how much benefit electrical vehicle (EV) drivers can get while parked at that location. Offering EV charging stations can increase site visitations and keep customers for longer durations on your property. These stations can serve as a good perk for your facility tenants, employees, or even residents nearby.

Generating Cost-Efficient Benefits

EV stations proactively provide opportunities to attract green-vehicle owners while promoting the usage of an environmentally friendly alternative.

Nowadays, going ‘green’ translates to saving money and diverging from short-term benefits. So, in essence, how would you bank on adapting your charging stations?

Installing EV stations can generate further revenue through charging fees and as an additional advertising resource. However, the best way to ensure whether or not EV stations are an investment that matches your portfolio is by understanding your geographical location and population.

Try accessing data around those who own an electronic vehicle within the proximity of your locations.

Geographical Areas of Opportunities

EV station interest depends on how many EV drivers seek out charging locations as they go about their daily drive.

According to a national U.S. census, the market forecast for EV vehicles rose from .14% to .75% by 2014. By 2017, the EV market increased to 1.13%, and by 2018, EV drivers skyrocketed to 2.1%. By the end of 2021, it is expected that EV drivers could potentially be north of 5% of all drivers and growing.

With the anticipated increase in interest for
more eco-friendly and efficient ways to travel, accessible stations to charge these vehicles will most likely rise.

Weighing Other Considerations to Install Charging Stations

In this section, we weigh in other considerations to establish whether your site may be an excellent place to install a charging station.

The biggest priority for an EV driver is the overall charging time they would spend parked at a station.

If you have a portfolio of shops or eateries, a charging station might be beneficial towards gaining more consumer traction by allowing them to physically spend more time at your location while charging their vehicles.

The most commonly installed stations provide between 10 to 20 miles of range per hour of charging. So, if you have a portfolio of facilities that offer services that are for shorter durations, the time allowed won’t give many benefits to EV drivers.

Final Driving Markers

Additional EV station factors can include
the purpose of your facility or portfolio. If you lease your building or have a third-party operated facility, it’s most likely you may need to work out arrangements to clarify ownership, operation, and revenue in advance.

Other factors also include acknowledging and tracking patterns of travel within your vicinity. An area’s demographics can be associated with characteristics typical of EV owners, as mentioned previously.

The nature of installing a potential charging
station at a location, whether it’s public retail establishments, leisure destinations,multifamily housing, hotels, transit centers, or other institutions, play a crucial role in determining its success and benefits.


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