employee morale

Employee morale plays part in operational changes at Ferrandino & Son.

Farmingdale, NY – Ferrandino & Son recently announced some strategic changes to their operating model in an attempt to better align with their supplier base.  However, when Chief Operating Officer Kevin Smith was asked what drove these changes, his answer was a little surprising.  “While the changes were clearly driven with the intent of improving the vendor experience, I have to admit that employee morale was an underlying theme,” Smith said.  “Our employees felt the stress that they couldn’t do more for our suppliers.  As a company, we had to respect that feedback and own the fact that we weren’t empowering our employees the way we should.” 

Smith went on to elaborate about the feedback already received by both the employee base and the suppliers.  “There is no doubt we are still going through the growing pains of the changes,” Smith said.  “However, I think everybody sees the long-term vision of what we want to accomplish.  The right changes have been made and now we just need to execute to reap the benefits.  As a company, we recognize if we think about our employees and the impact business changes will have, we will find much greater success in the execution of the services we deliver.”

Smith went on to share that the company has their own Spirit Committee which gives a segment of their employees a chance to meet with himself and provide feedback on both business initiatives and company morale.  “We’ve made real changes based on the feedback delivered through the Spirit Committee”, Smith said.  “It’s a great mechanism for honest and open opinions and while not everything can be executed on, understanding where the opportunities for improvement are and what we should focus on helps us strategize on a very high level.”

It must be exciting for employees to realize that an opinion shared in a routine meeting could result in sweeping changes as the company grows and evolves.  “We are willing to listen and will only have ourselves as a company to blame if we don’t act on the great suggestions tabled on a daily basis”, Smith said.