Detention and Retention Pond Maintenance Tips


Are you currently worried about the upkeep of your retention or detention pond? Are you unsure of where to begin or what to look out for regarding your maintenance care? 

Pond maintenance can make you feel like a fish out of water. However, with the right partnership and information in your hands, caring for your ponds can be effortlessly and affordably manageable.    

 Below you will find four critical tips to help you improve your pond care needs for your portfolio without breaking the bank, all while avoiding costly fines from the local municipalities.  

Know the Difference

So, why is it a good idea to have ponds on your properties?  

 One way to help manage your stormwater around your locations is by building a pond or a water basin.  

There are two different kinds of ponds. Knowing the difference is the first step towards proper maintenance care.   

 A retention pond is a pool of water that changes when reacting to rain or runoff water. These pools collect the rain or runoff water and then release it slowly (at a controlled rate) to prevent flooding or property erosion. 

 A detention pond is a dry pool but quickly fills during rainfall. These ponds temporarily hold the excess water and then slowly release it to another location. 

 Regardless of the type of pond you have on your property, it will need proper attention. 

Routine is Huge

If you fail to have a routine maintenance plan in place for your ponds, or if you ignore it, your ponds will fail.  

The number one cause of pond failure is trash or organic debris clogging your pond’s natural draining process. Clogged ponds are not only an unsightly eyesore, but you’ll have some annoyed property inspectors or landlords if they notice the neglect.  

 Why would this be a concern? As required, your pond must pass occasional inspections by either your municipality, state environmental, or water department to make sure it’s working as intended. 

Some of the checkpoints in your audit may incorporate the following: 

  • If vegetation or debris is obstructing the water flow  
  • If there’s any sign of erosion  
  • If surrounding concrete or brick is structurally safe and strong  

Typically, if your assessment does find some issues, you’ll be given a warning or a set time frame to repair your pond. One way to help streamline your repairs is to first connect with a stormwater partner who’s experienced and licensed in these services.  

 A national partner will have the resources to detect and provide immediate services to help avoid some of your pond maintenance concerns. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the consistent upkeep since they’ll be able to provide a program that does it all for you.   

Take Care of Your Landscaping

Did you know that your landscaping provides additional support for your ponds?  

Grass and plants around either a retention or detention pool help filter out pollutants from the collected stormwater. However, landscape overgrowth can pose a problem as well.  

 One of the few allowances is Bermuda grass. Often, Bermuda grass is allowed to grow because of aesthetics, and it usually doesn’t cause any problems. Also, it’s less mowing. 

Properly maintaining your landscaping should be considered because if not handled with care, the banks of your pond can pool water in the same spot, which causes erosion, and erosion is a big deal since soil and sediment can wash into the pond affecting the water quality. 

Other landscaping issues can involve other invasive plants like weeds that can block your pond’s water flow and crowd out the beneficial greenery. 

Partnering up with a national landscape partner makes things easier because they have the right turnkey services and a network of professional crews that understand the correct pattern to mow around your pond to support your routine retention and detention pond maintenance care.  

Trust Your Partnership

Your retention and detention pond maintenance will be budget-friendly and seamless when you place your trust with your national partner.  

 Your partner will expertly tend to all the details that will keep your pond working beautifully while ensuring it passes all inspections. 

 To start planning your pond maintenance care, connect with a commercial landscaping expert today. They’ll assess your property, create a custom plan, and get you on your way to enjoying a worry-free portfolio. 


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