Growing Leveraging your Capital Budgets

Growing and managing the construction process for your national portfolio can be a complex process. Especially, for smaller organizations with limited resources and limited network reach. Making it difficult to gear-up your growth strategy into a full-fledged actionable opportunity. Construction plans at the national level require qualified general contractors who can execute complex and aggressive timelines throughout various geographies across the country. It is of the highest importance that everything is handled with crucial attention and detail from the very beginning. When faced with a high-stakes problem, you want to make sure that the people you are investing your time and resources into, are loyal to your vision and hold your best business interests.




A small-sized national urgent care organization had a growth initiative, in which they were struggling to take into action. Their goal was to refresh and construct 350 units over the course of a five-year strategy. Achieving this immense undertaking was a particular problem for this undersized company, due to the lack of reach they had in terms of accessing the skilled labor required for the multiple new builds and fit-outs. The client needed a contracting firm at the national level to help them obtain and manage the number of general contractors (GCs) needed for each re-opening and build of new clinics, for each designated location. Acquiring GCs for multiple locations is a heavy burden for small-sized companies and start-ups. Many of these firms end up spending way too much time and effort seeking the right GC fit but also spending way above than they should or above their initial budget plans.

Through a strong national contractor partnership, the client gained new confidence, insight, and envisioned significant positive changes in their brand image and corporate expansion goals.

Delivery Model

With a newly implemented self-performing framework, we created a streamlined process for their construction needs. This partnership gave the client the support and expertise required to organize and execute their remodels, multi-site refreshes, rebranding, fit-outs, and overall management programs. After more than 100-hours invested with their team, we developed a go-forward plan to help support the client’s first steps in their growth plans. First, we compiled a team of dedicated Project Managers (PMs), and ensured a consistent delivery model – regardless of geographical locations. Second, we leveraged our own in-house architects and designers to provide guidance on final layouts, while confirming the final plans, and making sure everything was aligned with their vision for the brand. Finally, we provided oversight for the entire project’s functioning as their main GC and construction manager when needed, to provide the reporting and visibility into the entire project’s demands.


Through a strong national contractor partnership, the client gained new confidence, insight, and envisioned significant positive changes in their brand image and corporate expansion goals. The results of the provided delivery model spoke volumes. With our teams already delivering more than 5,000 projects annually with the largest individual program delivering 450 remodels a year, our 70 in-house PMs allowed the client to increase their initial five-year strategy of refurbishing 300 clinics to 500 clinics. In addition, with a successful delivery model in-place, the client can utilize its benefits repeatedly. As a bonus, this type of partnership also drives down costs and creates a more balanced timeframe for project completion.



Delivers more than 5,000 projects annually


Largest completed initiative of 450 remodels a year


More than 70 in-house PMs with licenses across 48 states


Increased project initiative from 350 to 500

There is no doubt that most construction projects can be a challenge for smaller organizations. Nowadays, no one industry is kept at a standstill. It is important to keep up-to-date to flourish and compete within a certain market. As a result, you need to associate your organization with those who will provide effective and affordable beneficial outcomes. That is why having an expert contractor with national means of leading your next construction project will help you compete with your competitors while delivering cost-effective solutions that are critically needed in the current environment.