Ferrandino & Son, Inc.

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Your National Construction & Facility Maintenance Solutions Company that provides services to more than 35,000 locations across the United States.


Ferrandino & Son, and our two in-house brands BlueSky Paving and Enterprise Signs, have collectively been delivering service programs to the multi-site industry for more than 90 years. While we offer a core set of services to our clients, it is our commitment to education, workflow and communication that clients will often reference in our QBR’s as the reason they continue to work with us.


At the end of the day, the reason we’ve had sustainable success is our ability to deliver outcomes that our clients are looking for in a trusted partner. We do that by creating value. Value in how we help develop the service programs, value in how we continually are evolving the service programs and value in how we can drive down costs by bundling service programs. Below are just some of our more traditional value propositions that we deliver for our clients in the multi-site industry today.

  • Breadth of Services – For more than 70% of our clients, Ferrandino & Son is utilized for 2 or more services. The ability to bundle programs is ideal for driving cost savings by leveraging resources across service programs.
  • Cost Controls – In a maintenance program, hourly rates do not define the cost of a facility program. Reducing down time through first-visit repairs, leveraging material suppliers to control costs and identifying low-cost repairs that don’t negatively impact the brand all drive towards the only goal that matters when it comes to measuring the overall dollars spent on a service program. Cost per ticket.
  • Capital Projects – Most companies will ask a local contractor to price out an out of scope project, like a large-scale painting project or property remodel. At Ferrandino & Son, our own Project Managers will set the price, write up the proposal, document the work with pictures and then validate the work once it is approved and completed. This eliminates any variance in costs and controls the final product delivered.
  • +Service Crossover – Ferrandino & Son isn’t just a single service division company. Most clients leverage our capabilities for other categories. For example, while visiting your properties to level-set a scope of work for a painting project, we can develop long-term capital spend strategies for paving with BlueSky Paving, our inhouse national asphalt and concrete services company. Concerned about your Brand and signage? Enterprise Signs, our inhouse national sign company, can be utilized as we capture site audits during routine visits, all at no cost. This is the true value-add.
  • Financial Health – In today’s current world crisis, the financial health of your partners can’t be dismissed. With 28 years of sound decision making, we have positioned ourselves as a viable partner to many of our clients who either are struggling financially or who are just looking for somebody to step in where their current partners are struggling to the impact from COVID-19. We have navigated the current crisis and while the health concerns remain, our ability to deliver have only been strengthened.

When you measure all of these together, what you discover is a Partner.  A Partner invested in your financial health.  A Partner invested in your Brand and a  Partner who wants to be a part of your team.


Delivered to more than 10,000 commercial properties across the country, this team focuses on the customer brand starting at the curb. The department’s team of Territory Managers provide a Boots-on-the Ground resource to manage quality control with a vendor network of more than 3,500 vendor partners.

BlueSky Paving

BlueSky Paving is our in-house paving solution. Managing both routine repairs and large capital projects, the BlueSky Difference is their Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) that customers leverage for long-term asset management where inspections provide a 5 year look at future maintenance costs.

Facility Maintenance

The foundation of this program is value. Inclusive of everything from handyman, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and refrigeration, the focus for our teams is on identifying good, better and best repair options while driving down average costs- per-ticket.

Construction Services

This team is built around experience. Building for nearly 30 years, the process is supported by Project Managers positioned around the country and a team of traveling superintendents that handle everything from 3,000 location rollouts to new builds and refresh programs.

Enterprise Signs

Enterprise Signs is our in-house signage company. With more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing and service delivery side of the business, Enterprise spends most of its time educating clients on more energy saving solutions, reducing both short-term and long-term costs.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is an emotional service. Delivered under the worst possible conditions, Ferrandino & Son has developed a 12-month solution that delivers the industry’s only educational track for Facility Managers.

Client Profiles

Ferrandino & Son’s core client partner is one that has a multi-site profile and often is dispersed across a large geography, typically nationally. They either already have a strong market presence or is looking for Ferrandino & Son to help them expand their brands.

Clients engage with us for many reasons. They might be looking to deliver a consistent level of service across their entire portfolio. Maybe they need a better way to manage costs, especially out of scope. They might have lacked a partner who was able to provide boots-on-the ground for inspections and recurring site walks. Unfortunately, many companies today have seen a significant loss of their local vendor base due to the ongoing financial pandemic. Ultimately, they need somebody who can partner with them on more than one service.