Common Invoice Rejections

Below is a list of some of the more common rejections along with further information and how to resolve them. If your invoice is rejected, it needs to be revised and resubmitted along with any required supporting documents. You can reply directly back to our rejection email to resolve and we will re-process them. No need to resubmit them into our queue.

Supporting documents (Signoffs, Photos, Service Logs, etc.) were not received with your invoice. Please resubmit the required documents with your invoice.

  • Why: Depending on the account, you may need to submit a signoff, photos, service log, etc. with your invoice. If we do not have them, we will reject your invoice.
  • Resolution: Reply back with the required documents. If they were previously sent or sent to an account manager, you can advise us of the prior submission but we always suggest to send them with your invoice.


Missing W9. Please contact our Compliance Department by calling 866-571-4609 Ext 2752 for further assistance.

  • Why: We cannot process or approve an invoice if we do not have your approved W9 on file. It is a requirement by law. Once we receive your approved W9, our Compliance department will assign you an Accounting Reference # and you can submit (or resubmit) your invoice for approval.
  • Resolution: Submit your W9 to Once they approve it, you can resubmit your invoice.


Services cannot be billed in advance

  • Why: All routine or monthly services for Lawn and land must wait to be submitted at the end of the month of service. We cannot accept an invoice in advance.
  • Resolution: Wait until the end of the month and resubmit your invoice.
    • Ex: June landscaping service, must wait until 6/30 to submit.


The purchase order number is missing, is incorrect or has been canceled.

  • Why: We need the WO # (can also use Purchase order #) to look up your service in our system. If we do not have it, we will not be able to match it in our system and will reject it back to you. Just like a household bill, they require your account # to apply your payment. We need the WO # to apply your invoice to the correct WO.
  • Resolution: Resubmit the invoice with the WO # on it. If you do not have your WO #, you can speak with your Account Manager or contact us at for assistance.


The amount being billed does not match the agreed upon amount on the contract, exhibit or purchase order.

  • Why: You may be over-billing or under-billing on your invoice and we cannot process it. Please make sure to reference your agreed pricing, NTEs, or DNE. If you did not get an approved increase, this could be why it was rejected.
  • Resolution: Adjust your invoice and resubmit. All increases in billing must be pre-approved in advance.