Commercial Site Evaluations Critical To Project Management

You deserve to have as much information as possible before purchasing or selling
commercial property. With a comprehensive commercial site evaluation, you can get the perspective you need to upgrade your space confidently.

Site Evaluation Checklist

A comprehensive site evaluation can help
you run through all the facts about your
commercial property or prospective
property while helping you visualize any
design program you have in mind for your

National GCs should apply their
industry-leading knowledge, database,
network, and commercial structure savvy
to help you understand the facility’s
landscape but also so you know your site’s
regulations and your project checkpoints
and expectations accurately and

Typically, if you connect with a contractor,
you’ll have an immediate opportunity to
audit your site. Site evaluations mostly
consist of utilizing your SOW to establish the work and (depending on GC) identify other overlooked items, not within your scope.

What to Expect

Working to understand what short-term
and long-term resources are needed for
your business to move and thrive is the
primary goal.

Accurate commercial site evaluations and
consultations give you the most bang for
your buck. Knowing about the potential
hidden costs to any design plan ahead of
time is the point of investment.

Contractors offer 100% of their expertise to
streamline the process of transforming “just a property” into a dream-reality.

In addition, a construction partner can save
you a significant amount of money by
steering you away from options likely to
incur more costs and offer a value-driven
alternative to work within your budget.

Commercial property inspections should
include the following:

  • Identifying Structural Planning

  • ADA Accessibility

  • Resubmittal

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems

  • Review of Pre-Plan Builds with Future Needs

  • Fire Protection & Suppression

  • Title-24 Compliance

  • Restricting Construction Guidelines

  • Condition of Existing Subflooring

  • Demolition Requirements & Containment

  • Communication with Ownerships, Agents & Prospects

Site Evaluation pricing is property-specific and varies per commercial property. For a snapshot of expectations under a comprehensive site assessment, contact a GC as soon as possible and request a commercial property checklist.

You can utilize this general checklist to perform an independent evaluation first. However, to get the most value, contact a national GC for a thorough and professional site analysis.

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