4 Construction Tips for Your Next Franchise Build

4 Construction Tips for Your Next Franchise Build

4 Construction Tips for Your Next Franchise Build

Congratulations on your new franchise! Now that you’ve got your space, there are a few key things you have to consider before jumping right into construction. Let’s explore some quick solutions and tips that will help ease the transition for your new build-out.


One of the very first steps after obtaining
your franchise is reviewing your build-out
manual. This file provides specifications on
occupancy design criteria, installation
standards on fixtures and equipment, and
resources on your purchasing materials.

After reviewing your build-out manual, the
second step is to connect with a
contracting team to build-out your
franchise location. The manual will give
your contractor the right amount of
information to implement your dream
creation through a series of plans.

Quick Tip #1:

Confirm that the contractor you decide to work with understands the manual’s process. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of having your project denied by either the Area Director or your location’s municipality later on and lose valuable time and money.

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It’s no secret that the road to owning a franchise has no end to its list of responsibilities. That’s why partnering with the right contractor is so important.

Your partner will make sure to maintain your projects’ build-out while you stay focused on the aspects of marketing, employment management, and other developmental duties.

Quick Tip #2:

Remember, the right fit matters. Stay focused on your initiatives, and make sure your
contractor stays focused on theirs. If you partner with the wrong fit, you might end up
putting your progress on hold or delaying your construction.


Take a moment to realize the achievements you’ve already made in your franchise journey, and understand that you’re not the only one.

It’s okay to connect and network with fellow franchisees who’ve been through the build-out process before. They can help you identify and work through some common challenges they’ve faced during the permitting and construction process and provide useful feedback and insight.

Quick Tip #3:

Open up the conversation further and communicate your findings with your contractor to keep them in the loop. Communication is essential when starting your franchise build-out and construction.


Staying ahead of your build-out means planning early with your contracting partner.

Require your contractor to determine all of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) products, and have them ready as early as possible in the process while also considering the delivery times.

Quick Tip #4:

Integrating startup activities with your team’s construction calendar aligns your plans and expectations while helping to avoid costly miscommunications or conflicts.

The partnership between your franchise and your contractor should be a meaningful one.

Asking questions about how their team can help you set up your space that may be out-of-scope, like perhaps parking lot

paving opportunities or signage requirements, can target and grow your market’s engagement.

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8 Strategies To Deliver Your Next Multi-Site Projects

8 Strategies To Deliver Your Next Multi-Site Projects

8 Strategies To Deliver Your Next Multi-Site Projects

Properly managing multiple construction projects can be a complicated task when you are often challenged with many other competing initiatives.

When you are tasked with upgrading your current portfolio or lifting a complex remodel program, considered these eight strategies that your own peers leverage every day.

1. Subject Matter Experts 

Before initiating any part of your multi-site projects, it’s best to connect with a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

SMEs are the primary authority figures in their field and can help manage and mitigate issues in your construction plans from the start to avoid costly project delays.

Remember, if you’re not working alongside an SME, you’re probably not aligning yourself with a complete team that will ensure your project goals.

2. Communication and Execution of SOWs

A Scope-of-Work (SOW) is a detailed account of what needs to be completed on a project. It defines your project-specific activities, deliverables, and timelines for your partner on the project.

When scoping your project details, make sure that the provided SOW reflects the entire project plan to reduce delays and cost over-runs.

3. One Point-of-Contact

One of the many benefits of partnering with a national contracting company is having a streamlined point-of-contact, by having your own Project Manager dedicated to you.

Having one point-of-contact for your projects will simplify not only your flow of communication but will also help to keep your objectives focused and on-target.

4. Backup Plans & Resolutions 

It’s safe to say that no matter how much you plan and prepare for your multi-site projects, you’re bound to run into some pitfalls.

That’s why having an orderly approach to handling things when they go wrong is crucial to a successful job.

Ensuring you’re teamed up with those who can spot delays early and provide reasonable solutions in real-time is an excellent back-up initiative to have in place.

5. Organizational Liaisons

Understanding your partnership’s organization’s dynamics is another helpful tip to consider when implementing your next multi-site project.

Having an established ORG-chart shows you the contacts in advance when needing final project direction or good decision-making advice.

6.  Technology Resources

Utilize real-time software resources, or leverage your partner’s technology to help map and organize your project details from start to finish.

If you already have a preferred set of proprietary programs in place, communicate those clearly to your partner so they can adapt and use these programs appropriately.

7. Mandatory Updates 

We’ve mentioned communication multiple times throughout this piece, and it truly is a foolproof way to meet your project agendas and expectations.

Keeping a consistent communication line provides valuable updates for your onsite managers during project processes and creates trust for your business relationships and project deadlines.

8. Additional Resolutions

Concurrent projects can add tension and disorganization if your external and internal organizational project leaders fail to understand their project’s needs.

An additional resource that helps lessen some of these burdens is connecting with all the essential project members and departments in advance to mitigate timing and scheduling issues which is priceless.


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Protect Your Portfolio’s Growth with The Confidence of A National GC

Protect Your Portfolio’s Growth with The Confidence of A National GC

Protect your Portfolio’s Growth
with the Confidence of a National GC

There’s no lack of reports on how the current global pandemic changes construction safety regimens on job sites worldwide, which include the economic impact on the construction industry itself.

Among COVID-19 and the oil surplus that has impacted the natural resources infrastructure and exploration and production projects, many experts suggest that we won’t know the real impact on the construction industry until well into 2021.  

Support From a National GC

Like a weather forecast, construction executives depend on what’s called a “cone of uncertainty” to characterize the possible risks, including varying levels of economic decline and speeds of recovery.

Contractors must manage risk in terms of demand for their services and the real risks in each project they undertake.

Such requests require accurate, timely information, discipline, and a mature approach to identifying, monetizing, and mitigating risk beyond some contractors. 

What Construction Executives Should Be Thinking About

Entering a post-pandemic era of construction is not an easy task. Project teams designing and constructing their built environment will need to work differently and make differences that help project owners mitigate the risk of periodic disruptions from fire, flooding, and yes, even though global pandemics.

Beyond the usual work safety measures, contractors should help project owners evaluate the desirability of providing cost-effective and nimble solutions so institutional environments can adopt some of these tactics towards their specific industry, like:

  • Supplying sanitary measures
  • Ability to scale time effectively to lessen the amount of exposure and contact
  • Determining client-focused themes and engaging them across their portfolio

Inspiring a Rapid Growth Plan

In order to grow your client’s portfolio during challenging times, contractors must consult intelligently with their customers based on the risks identified and monetized over the useful lifecycle of the assets they’re building.

Be sure that your next national GC can quickly fill your program’s gaps and losses needed to revamp your Brand to expand upon new markets.

Finding the right partnership to reboot your success story is the first step in overcoming difficulties.

Many contractors have built out maintenance and facilities management capabilities, and now, as project owners seek ways to navigate in an uncertain future and contractors seek long-tail revenue, it’s time for more contractors to start leaning into change.


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Pre-Construction Strategy Tips

Pre-Construction Strategy Tips

Pre-Construction Strategy Tips


One frustrating part of the pre-construction process is budget estimate creation for building owners and their representatives. There is never enough data on hand.

If your budget comes in too high, you risk project delays while you try to revise and lower the costs down, which can potentially tie-up the use of your funds.

Sometimes, your budget goals are lower than the vetted bids you receive, creating a stressful situation that forces you to choose between two complicated options: Cutting your project scope or asking for more money.

The above can limit your building users’ experience and can hurt your bottom line–quite the unfavorable choice.

Creating More Accurate Budget Estimates

To avoid deciding whether to either cut your scope or go over budget, you can now create a more accurate budget estimate through a comprehensive Scope of Work (SOW). An SOW gets your estimates off to a winning start.

Sadly, many projects run into difficulty because the SOW is incomplete, causing uncertainty for the construction team. To follow through with a complete SOW, make sure to report all the scope options.

Call Ferrandino & Son at (866) 571 – 4609 or email sales@ferrandinoandson.com to experience the full impact of our construction program projects. 

Scopes 101

When you think of a construction scope, most experts in this field think of AE Scopes. These are the bread-and-butter items that describe the work done and the list of people that complete the project.

What about Context Scopes? To some degree, AE scopes assess the ideal situation, while the Context scope describes the project’s shortcomings. Failing to consider any project context can lead to severe outcomes—such as lost time and money.

When implementing a Construction Process Scope, otherwise known as an Execution Scope, make sure you’re assessing how the work gets performed by communicating equipment needs, safety requirements, and production.

SOWs should lead you to one precise decision, leaving no room for clarification, so your budgetary expectations stay in-line.

Building Budgets Require Clarity

Tips to make sure your budget goals express what you want, make sure your word usage is straightforward and robust. Also, include additional aides to prevent confusion, like graphs and photos.

An over-explanation of your remodel budget objectives is better than leaving the possibility of a misinterpretation. As a seasoned professional, you know that clarity and thorough communication is a must for any construction project to succeed.

By gathering and preparing your scope data, you can simplify the purpose of your SOW to fit your spending.

Encourage Your Remodel Process Through Data & Expertise

Thinking like a contractor helps your overall SOW, but why not make things easier and partner with an experienced general contractor?

Searching out professional advice from trusted vendors lets you tap into the wealth of knowledge that their experience brings. Gaining contracting expertise can help ensure your scope is valuable and thorough.

Construction-cost databases are typically associated with estimations. To have a substantial cost database, you can fill in the right knowledge gaps in your accounts from the experts you’ve contacted that some clients might not consider.

This kind of data comprises all the components and labor associated with your next remodel jobs and is instrumental in the early planning stages in validating available costs.

In summary, proper SOWs set the whole project’s tone and for no questions to be unanswered!


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Operational Advantages to Clearly Defined Scopes

Operational Advantages to Clearly Defined Scopes

Operational Advantages to Clearly Defined Scopes


To remodel your building means to change the structure’s original appearance to evolve and adapt to the new purpose and function of that structure.

The benefits of launching a remodel program are apparent. You could be redefining your sales floor to increase revenue. Maybe you are initiating a much-needed refresh as your facility has become stale. Regardless of the motivation, a strategic plan to lift an initiative of this size is critical.

However, before beginning a construction project of this kind, there are several things to be aware of to help reduce costs, improve project timelines, and most importantly, avoid costly delays.

What's in Your Program?

Let’s start with the basics. We already know that the Scope of Work (SOW) details the plan explaining a project’s expectations to a team completing a particular construction contract. Any well-written scope defines the who, what, when, where, and how of the project.

Your construction partner’s responsibility includes scoping out required materials, equipment, project milestones, and planning deliverables—so the SOW must be precise, clear, and complete.

How does this apply to your remodeling project? Let’s review the following areas:

    • Program Development
    • Permit Management
    • Demolition
    • Live Store Remodels

When you partner with the right national contractor, all the above bullet points are pretty much handled accordingly to each remodeling project. You won’t have to worry about construction permit complexities or any other details required for such a task.

For instance, there are different methods to consider for every program because no one program fits each facility. If a large multi-site retail chain wants a full remodel/refresh across its portfolio but still wants to maintain its business operations, its program has to involve a Live Store Remodel Program.

Not only will the national partner already have the skills to demolish your space appropriately for your brand’s function, they’ll also have the unique skills to complete the task without disrupting business operations required for any live remodel project.

Call Ferrandino & Son at (866) 571 – 4609 or email sales@ferrandinoandson.com to learn more about our construction program experience.

Best Practices

It’s crucial to vet your national GC partners thoroughly before choosing to work with them. Asking the finer details about their business practices and about the remodel project itself can help you prepare them and yourself for your upcoming improvement project. 

You want to be sure that your national partner is well-equipped to handle the task and acknowledge your budgetary needs. More so than ever, your commercial remodels are not just about the beauty and business functionality but includes the sustainability and the efficiency the remodel provides to the brand.

Best practices incorporate proper communication, project experts, planning, and investment prospects to create the best outcomes for your remodel program.

Better Outcomes

Achieving the best operational advantages from your remodeling project occurs through maintaining a clear style of communication. There are several check-points contractors can monitor to make a positive difference.

Whether you’re an experienced contracting firm or a company new to the industry, keeping a consistent workflow standard should be a standard for any part of the job.

Look and invest in contractors that show a range of capabilities and that show good management habits from the very beginning of the remodeling process so that you can receive the best outcomes. 


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Avoid the High Stakes in Your Construction Projects With the Best Go-Forward Approach

Avoid the High Stakes in Your Construction Projects With the Best Go-Forward Approach

Avoid the High Stakes in Your Construction Projects With the Best Go-Forward Approach


The field of construction covers a vast range of professional areas and industries that include, but are not limited to: Hotels, Groceries, Senior Living, Retail, Banking, and more. Within these industries, you have a diverse list of project types, like ground-up construction and remodel initiatives, multi-site refreshes, and rebranding projects along with fit-outs. These are complicated projects on their own, even when handled within a localized area. However, what if you’re interested in refreshing over 300 existing facilities? In addition, you’re also interested in constructing new facilities at a national level. The problem isn’t the expansion of your business, the problem is acquiring the specific labor that’s required to lift this initiative.

BY partnering with a company that already has the national reach and resources, you’ll save a great amount of time and save big in terms of overall costs.

Solutions for Expanding Into New Markets

As the key stakeholder, you must assess the location and the GCs that work each specific geographical area where you plan to develop. This means investing more effort and money towards introducing your business idea, for each new GC within each new market. By partnering with a company that already has the national reach and resources, you’ll save a great amount of time and save big in terms of overall costs. Make sure your national partner provides you with enough coverage to accomplish your organization’s growth process. Do they have more than 70 Project Managers positioned statewide to support your growth? Can they assign a team of superintendents who are dedicated to your projects, and who are willing to travel from market-to-market? If the answers are ‘yes’ to all these questions, you’re on the right path towards your growth plans.

Strategies That Stand Out

When reconfiguring your spaces, you’re revamping not only your brand, but revamping the possibility of growing your business potential. Construction is a field that really includes a village of skills and resources, which takes qualified project managers (PMs) to handle the execution. You want to make sure your national partner has a simplistic and clear workflow strategy, and who’s open to dialogue with all participating GCs. You want expertise that is fueled by a committed and collaborative effort that’s essential to any team environment and project. Be diligent in vetting your next PM, and make sure your partner holds the right licensing to help you stay clear of issues with local municipalities. Legal regulations can be a pain, and you want to make sure your contractors and PMs have the correct know-how to delegate or resolve these matters for throughout each project’s location.

Throughout our 25-years in the industry, we’ve noticed many opportunities to improve our execution and to help businesses stay on course for their growth plans.

Go Big and Go Forward

The goal of any Fit-Out or New Build involves creating a more modern and functional environment that is perfectly suited for any staff or clientele. When you appoint contractors to take on your new upgrades, you should be confident that you’re working with a team of design professionals that will deliver and meet scope processes, approvals, and fast turnaround completion times. Throughout our experience of over 25-years in the industry, we’ve noticed many opportunities to improve our execution and to help businesses stay on course with their growth plans. We already know that any construction project at the national level is completely different and will have huge hurdles to overcome, which will require patience and clear objectives. You won’t be able to achieve or complete any large-scale project with small-scale companies. Making sure your national partners have the capacity to match your growth plans are critical towards achieving your goals.

There is no doubt your construction projects will keep your brand up-to-date, allowing you to flourish and compete within a certain market. However, managing projects on a national-level is an entirely different process that involves the right partner who can see your vision properly. As a result, strong partners will bring resources, expertise, and assistance for all the details you already know about, and details you were never aware of. Be bold in your vision and go-forth building the future of your business.


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