Project Theme

A multi-site healthcare company had converted an old warehouse into their own version of a Think Tank.  Designed to allow both small and large groups to workshop issues, the space had become part of the fabric of the business. The challenge was when the space was converted, they didn’t replace their energy-deficient metal halides, causing not just an increased cost in energy use but also a working space that often appeared dim and uninviting. The goal was to bring in Ferrandino & Son to “workshop” their own solution on how best to bring their lighting up to a higher standard, providing the employees with the proper lighting they would need to maximize the work being done in the space.

Project Challenges

They were also having a maintenance issue due to bulbs burning out and gaps in the layout of the current fixtures.  Many fixtures lacked basic covers so there was also the risk of breakage and having employees exposed to damaging mercury. So it just wasn’t a product issue but also possibly a layout or design challenge.  In addition, they needed to determine the potential savings of going with a more energy efficient solution as the entire project would require the approval of the CFO.

Ferrandino & Son’s Solutions

Working with lighting manufacturers and our lighting distributors, we performed a lighting study.  The study was based on adequate lighting levels, quality of light, energy efficiencies, and reducing maintenance cost.  Once the study was completed we were able to select the proper fixture to provide optimum lighting for the space.  Using design software, we created a lighting layout based on the fixture specifications.  This layout identified the accurate spacing and height to deliver the needed lighting levels for the specific work spaces. We developed and a project plan with which included removal of the existing fixtures. Reworking of the existing electrical grid to supply power to the new fixture placement. Installation of fixtures and testing to confirm our design and placement met the required quality of light and light levels. We developed a project plan which included:

    • Removal of existing fixtures
    • Reworking the electrical grid to power the new fixtures
    • Installation of new fixtures
    • Testing to ensure the design and placement met the required quality standards for light and light levels


By choosing a high efficiency LED lighting fixture we were able to achieve all the requirements identified in the study.  The lighting design and fixtures provided the quality and level of lighting desired. Switching from the metal halide fixtures to the new LED technology we reduced energy consumption by 60%. The fixtures have a five year warranty and a 50,000 hour rated life which will reduce maintenance cost.  

Interested in Learning More?

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