The Customer:

A discount variety retailer offering both brand name and generic merchandise – including off-brand goods and closeouts of name-brand items. The client is currently operating over 10,000 stores in 40 U.S. states.

The Objective:

The store’s objective was to reduce lighting maintenance and service costs while at the same time providing a brighter retail environment for its customers to enhance the shopping experience and sales of merchandise.

The Solution:

Retrofitted the store location during the store’s normal business operating hours with minimal customer disruption. In total, fifty-seven T12, 4-foot, 2-lamp fixtures had fluorescent lamps replaced with 4-foot linear LED lamps. Seventy-eight T8, 4-foot, 1-lamp fixtures had fluorescent lamps replaced with 4-foot linear LED lamps. Six T12, 8-foot, 2-lamp fixtures had fluorescent lamps replaced with 8-foot linear LED lamps. Thirty-one 250 watt metal halide lamps were replaced with fourteen, 4-foot, 38-watt LED linear luminaire lighting fixtures and LED lamps.

The Results:

Based on current annual hours of store operation and current electrical rates, the store location is expected to:
1. Save $2,760 in first-year maintenance costs – projected to equate to $31,645 in maintenance costs over 10 years anticipated LED lamp life.
2. Realize a $4,457 reduction in energy savings within year one. Equal to a 70% reduction in kWh/year of energy usage.
3. Provide an annual emissions reduction of 65,342 lbs of greenhouse gases. Saving approximately 174 trees annually.
4. Current store customers have remarked about the brighter look the store is now projecting upon entering the store as well as the ability to see merchandise detail and colors more vividly while shopping in the store.
5. This led to changes throughout the client’s portfolio on the national level.

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