The Customer:

Small box retailer with thousands of mall locations.

The Objective:

This retailer needed an interior lighting maintenance program that would reduce their annual lighting and electrical maintenance costs.

The Challenge:

With more than 2,000 stores of varying sizes and multiple prototypes, we quickly recognized the need to capture individual site data to ensure the technician would have the proper materials on-hand when servicing a store. The ability to capture a consolidated picture of the different types of materials would allow us to offer alternate products and improved pricing through manufacturer’s purchasing agreements.

The Solution:

We offered a fixed fee lighting program and instituted a program to compile site lighting data on the first maintenance visit for every location. Technicians recorded and transmitted this information to our account management team, and site data was then entered into the work order management system. This system, designed to manage all customer programs, also serves as a database for customer site data. By analyzing this data our account management team was able to make recommendations to better service our customer and reduce their costs.

The Results:

  1. The first four months of the program saw an 87% reduction in the number of reactive service calls. This led to a 92% reduction in reactive repairs, of which, only 45% of this amount was used on the preventative program. This resulted in a dramatic savings in the first 4 months alone.
  2. An analysis of the compiled site data allowed us to recommend a new but less expensive ballast resulting in savings of $87.00 per unit for this specialty retailer. This will result in a 7 figure save over the term of the contract.

Additional Services:

  1. An in-store lighting manual created by our service management team facilitates accurate problem identification for store personnel when requesting a work order.
  2. We have assumed responsibility for managing the manufacturer’s warranty coverage on all ballasts.


The 4 month test drove the client to institute the program across their portfolio, resulting in a shift in how they viewed all of their maintenance spending. Today, they are testing out a handyman preventative maintenance program with talks of considering others in the next fiscal year.

Interested in Learning More?

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