Crush Your National Project Roll-Outs 


​Partnerships play a significant factor in the success of your multi-site projects.

The collaboration of all departments helps extend a seamless approach to your vision while protecting the customer experience.

Aggressive timelines matched with an achievable program offer stellar long-term results and benefits.

A client recently applied our key decision-making tips to fulfill their multi-site project demands across their 1,400 locations. Below are the results of our successful approach.



A sizeable multi-site retailer with 1,400 locations wanted to initiate a multi-site project to upgrade their coolers. They successfully leveraged our project management experience by first leveraging our team to help define and refine their scope of work.

As retailers continue to decrease their personnel, they rely on trusted partnerships to help manage the process.

Thus, assessing the right lanes where strategy and communication align helps to deliver project transparency.


After properly determining the needs of the project, we devised a plan to guarantee the following goals of the program:

  • Create a smooth workflow for the operations team.
  • Follow an intensive timeframe to complete work across all 1,400 locations.
  • Apply technology resources for cost-effective and real-time results.

Logically, we note that these goals are universal standards to help productivity and safeguard the overall completion of the multi-site project.


We completed the project within a 3-month timeframe and resolved scheduling conflicts by splitting the cooling installations into two stages over four days.

Our technicians tirelessly executed the process on day one and completed the installation once the coolers were delivered on-site through a collaborative effort.

Our project leaders and liaisons communicated real-time progress daily with the client by coordinating access to the site, ensuring deliverables were met, and setting the stage for success.

Project objectives were achieved under budget by quickly identifying cost-saving opportunities. Thus, saving the client 18% by shifting the overnight installations to the early morning shifts and adapting affordable, high-quality wire gauges by utilizing efficient installation processes.



3-months Completion Time


Coordination of Deliverables at 100% 


18% Project Savings

These changes were implemented across the entire project to reduce personnel requirements and to protect the client’s assets.

Small changes create significant impacts in the long run by the substantial savings on this project and future projects.