Education along with technology is the foundation for a program with Ferrandino & Son. Scroll down to read up some of our latest features on the services and programs you find most important.

Employee Morale Boosts Service Delivery

Farmingdale, NY - Ferrandino & Son recently announced some strategic changes to their operating model in an attempt to better align with their supplier base.  However, when Chief Operating Officer Kevin Smith was asked what drove these changes, his answer was a...

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A Handyman Case Study: “The Impact was Instantaneous”

By: Kevin Smith, Chief Operating Officer   The challenge with building a great case study on how to reduce costs is that you first have to receive permission to spend money to prove your point. This can be quite difficult, as most of you probably know. Suggesting...

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GeoCode Application Soft Release

  Ferrandino & Son, Inc. announces results of 6-month soft release on GeoCode Application Ferrandino & Son, Inc. recently announced the results of their 6-month soft release of their new vendor-facing GeoCode mobile application. “This was a collaboration...

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One Giant Leap – GeoCoding in Facilities

  By Kevin Smith, Chief Operating Officer GeoCoding offers a generational leap forward for facility programs. In the year 2000, the ability to validate a service was as basic as the technology we used on a daily basis. VCRs, Walkmans, signed work order tickets...

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2016 1 O’Clock Webinar Series Announced

  FARMINGDALE, NY - Ferrandino & Son, Inc. announced their 2016 1 O’clock Webinar Series on Thursday calling it “where experience meets education." This 6-presentation series continues their tradition of serving as a resource for the facilities industry by...

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Non-LED Alternatives

  By Dave Magill, Vice President of Program Management How to reduce lighting energy and maintenance cost without retrofitting to LED  Although the cost of LED lighting has dropped over the last few years, it can still prove to be a costly investment. With lease...

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