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National Hotel Chain Implements Landscape Audit Program

Project Theme A national hotel chain was 6 months into a landscape contract that included 4 regional suppliers and 3 national suppliers. Initial feedback on services were inconsistent. Their own Hotel Managers were providing mixed reviews of how the program was going...

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Backflow Prevention – What is it and Why Do We Need it?

Backflow Prevention – What is it and Why Do We Need it?Cross-connections in plumbing are defined as actual or potential connections between a potable and non-potable water supply. This can constitute a serious public health hazard. There are numerous well documented...

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Managing your Drain Lines

Managing your drain linesMaintaining and Managing Drains'Out of sight out of mind'. That’s the problem with the drain line. What we can’t see will hurt us. When the drain line backs up everything connected to it backs up with it. There are many drain lines within a...

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Top 3 Ways to Keep a Green Lawn

Top 3 Ways to Keep a Green LawnIt’s May and everyone is looking for that eye-catching green lawn. Temperatures are moderate, rainfall is abundant, and you could probably cut the lawn twice a week if you really wanted to. This week we are looking at spring turf...

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5 Property Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Follow

5 Property Maintenance Tips Everyone Should FollowDetails Matter...For Brand ImageWhen we look at the anatomy of a landscape season, our focus typically migrates to what we often identify as milestone services. “Has the Spring Clean Up been completed?”, “When are we...

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Start Irrigation Out Right

Start Irrigation Out RightIf April showers bring May flowers, what follows May flowers? If you’re in elementary school, the answer is Pilgrims. For the rest of us, the answer is a little less witty. As the cooler, rainy days of early Spring fade away, we are faced...

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