Best in Class Snow Programs through

Best-in-Class Scopes of Work

Previously, we outlined and communicated ways in which to build the right expectation within your SOW. 

Here, we will discuss another important factor when building out your SOW. This part falls outside of the service delivery requirements and into Program Management. However, one of the more critical pieces of a consolidated program is the field support your awarded supplier will provide.  

Snow Program Resources

Technology is critical as it relates to validating services in real-time during a snow event. Yet, technology alone won’t solve your snow removal program, delivering it all nice and neat with a bow on top. It’s an essential tool but not the overall answer.   

Your provider’s boots-on-the-ground and hands-on resources are what truly delivers a best-in-class snow removal program.    

Now, snow removal needs vary for every client and every portfolio—from oversized individual locations where you need an on-site PM for every event to smaller footprint clients like retail banks. 

Thus, specific field support is often intermittent based on storm size or need.  

Best-in-Class SOW

One of the fundamental requirements that we believe should represent a best-in-class SOW while leveraging those field resources is a pre-and post-season site inspection. Building a service plan requires a hands-on approach for every property and can only be accomplished through proper on-site due diligence. 

We recommend setting this requirement as part of your SOW and defining your goals around the requirement completion. Traditional goals are 45-60 days from the award date, considering how that award date relates to the actual start of the snow season.  

One benefit of site walks is the amount of data that is collected.  We would strongly recommend an offline discussion with your national snow removal partner for details on the mechanisms that go into documenting tracking and utilizing this data. Theres significant value that you will absolutely want to leverage.

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Pricing Models in Your Best in Class Scope of Work

Let’s change gears and move to a new topic and discuss pricing models. There are four traditional pricing models from per push, event, seasonal, and time and materials. But what are the differences between them, and which model is best for you?  

Your pricing model all depends on the event and the size of your footprint. To find your best value, visit our online RFP Pricing Model Best Practices resource.   

Again, I recommend discussing which solution may deliver the best value for your portfolio with your national snow removal management partner with these models. But understand, regardless of the pricing model you select, you can use the same SOW for each one.  

Pricing models do not dictate your scope of work; they only dictate how you will see the costs billed back from your suppliers. 

Selecting the most suitable pricing model that most closely aligns with your service goals helps create a definitive SOW that defines what your expectations are.   

Level the playing field to the metrics that will drive value and outcome. Every hour of work put in before your service launch will reap significant dividends on the back end when your snow removal program goes live.  


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