15 Minute Lunch & Learn: Landscaping 101

15 Minute Lunch & Learn: Landscaping 101

15 Minute Lunch & Learn: Landscaping 101


Did you know that in only 15 minutes, you could learn the basics of commercial landscaping that will help you drive better results across your portfolio? Join our team of landscaping experts as they break down everything from irrigation best practices to how to tackle capital projects. This is a must for any facility professional who has landscaping responsibility.

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8 Strategies To Deliver Your Next Multi-Site Projects

8 Strategies To Deliver Your Next Multi-Site Projects

8 Strategies To Deliver Your Next Multi-Site Projects

Properly managing multiple construction projects can be a complicated task when you are often challenged with many other competing initiatives.

When you are tasked with upgrading your current portfolio or lifting a complex remodel program, considered these eight strategies that your own peers leverage every day.

1. Subject Matter Experts 

Before initiating any part of your multi-site projects, it’s best to connect with a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

SMEs are the primary authority figures in their field and can help manage and mitigate issues in your construction plans from the start to avoid costly project delays.

Remember, if you’re not working alongside an SME, you’re probably not aligning yourself with a complete team that will ensure your project goals.

2. Communication and Execution of SOWs

A Scope-of-Work (SOW) is a detailed account of what needs to be completed on a project. It defines your project-specific activities, deliverables, and timelines for your partner on the project.

When scoping your project details, make sure that the provided SOW reflects the entire project plan to reduce delays and cost over-runs.

3. One Point-of-Contact

One of the many benefits of partnering with a national contracting company is having a streamlined point-of-contact, by having your own Project Manager dedicated to you.

Having one point-of-contact for your projects will simplify not only your flow of communication but will also help to keep your objectives focused and on-target.

4. Backup Plans & Resolutions 

It’s safe to say that no matter how much you plan and prepare for your multi-site projects, you’re bound to run into some pitfalls.

That’s why having an orderly approach to handling things when they go wrong is crucial to a successful job.

Ensuring you’re teamed up with those who can spot delays early and provide reasonable solutions in real-time is an excellent back-up initiative to have in place.

5. Organizational Liaisons

Understanding your partnership’s organization’s dynamics is another helpful tip to consider when implementing your next multi-site project.

Having an established ORG-chart shows you the contacts in advance when needing final project direction or good decision-making advice.

6.  Technology Resources

Utilize real-time software resources, or leverage your partner’s technology to help map and organize your project details from start to finish.

If you already have a preferred set of proprietary programs in place, communicate those clearly to your partner so they can adapt and use these programs appropriately.

7. Mandatory Updates 

We’ve mentioned communication multiple times throughout this piece, and it truly is a foolproof way to meet your project agendas and expectations.

Keeping a consistent communication line provides valuable updates for your onsite managers during project processes and creates trust for your business relationships and project deadlines.

8. Additional Resolutions

Concurrent projects can add tension and disorganization if your external and internal organizational project leaders fail to understand their project’s needs.

An additional resource that helps lessen some of these burdens is connecting with all the essential project members and departments in advance to mitigate timing and scheduling issues which is priceless.


Are you concerned about how you’ll be able to protect your assets during uncertain times? Contact us  to start saving your investments the right way!



PM Program for Brand Improvement and Spend Reduction

PM Program for Brand Improvement and Spend Reduction



PM Program for Brand Improvement and Spend Reduction

One of the many benefits of having a Preventative Maintenance (PM) handyman program is that it not only drives down your overall reactive spend it also improves the overall brand scores of your portfolio.

Most recently, a sizeable multi-site retailer with over a thousand properties wanted to improve their portfolio while reducing their overall repair spend by initiating a PM program that could provide a consistent service plan on a weekly to monthly basis while streamlining the repair time of their routine maintenance needs.



The client had a portfolio consisting of 1,100 multi-site locations across the country. The first course of action was to provide the right visual inspections across their geographical footprint to accurately pinpoint the needed repairs.

During this process, we provided a checklist and scoped out additional overlooked property issues. We also noticed some of their higher traffic locations required parking lot and signage repairs and incorporated that into our inspection checklist.

Since those scopes of work were part of our primary service divisions, we were able to deliver value outside of a traditional handyman program.


Since the client wanted an established maintenance routine, we provided a scheduled-out plan for both the routine inspections and the workflow of reactive repairs as they are needed.

We then aligned our technician workforce to deliver all of the services.


We lifted the program over a 45 day period and then put in place a quarterly business review to oversee the results and make continuous improvements to the program.

In the first year, they saw a 17% reduction in maintenance spend due to our implementation of the program.

The client also saw a 28% reduction (comparing the second year to the previous year before the program started) and ultimately added three years onto the contract based on the first two years of success.


Maintenance Savings

17% reduction in maintenance spend

Program Comparability

28% reduction compared to the second year to the year before the program

Successful Additions

+3 years onto the contract

When looking towards reducing your plumbing expenses, seek out a nationally recognized contracting partner to help level-out some of your concerns.

By doing so, you can expect to accomplish more savings and increase your network while having the comfort of knowing highly-vetted professionals in the industry are providing the right amount of services for your portfolio.




Handyman Programs Crushing Savings Goals For Multi-site Companies

Handyman Programs Crushing Savings Goals For Multi-site Companies

Handyman Programs Crushing Savings Goals For Multi-site Companies


From general carpentry to flooring services to even the most minor repairs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a strategic partner to handle your preventative maintenance needs for you?

Having the right FM partnership not only gives you 24/7 access to local service providers for all those pesky repairs, but it can help streamline all your repair needs into one point-of-contact through a Preventative Maintenance Handyman Program.

So, let’s dive deeper into the reasons and benefits of a handyman program to understand the services provided and how the program can benefit your maintenance budget.

The Anatomy of a PM-Handyman Program

So what exactly is a PM-Handyman Program? Well, like any other Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP), your handyman PMP fits the repair needs that match your multi-site portfolio.

These programs help create a customized maintenance solution that reduces reactive work by upwards of 30% by reducing the average cost-per-repair by more than 40% simply by fixing the smaller issue before it becomes a larger one.

For example, suppose you’re a national retailer whose doors and gates are critical to your day-to-day operations. By implementing a Handyman Program, you can be assured that their weekly/monthly checklist will make inspecting those assets a critical component of their work, helping to catch smaller issues before they become larger repairs.

Additionally, handyman programs are of high interest if you have multiple lease-ending or closed locations in your portfolio because they help maintain the facility as required in your lease, reducing any large one-off repairs at the time you are ready to vacate the building.

Call Ferrandino & Son at (866) 571 – 4609 or email sales@ferrandinoandson.com to inquire more about our PM-Handyman Programs for your multi-site facility locations.

Two-Types of Program Options

The two traditional ways of developing your PM-Handyman Program are through a direct visual inspection of specific items only or a set amount of time for each inspection to cover a more extensive inspection list plus often allowing for the time to make small repairs.

Visual inspection programs can help identify opportunities for risks, but their limited scope prevents leveraging the greater value of initiating a program in the first place.

If you opt for a traditional preventative handyman program, you will be positioned to define a more strategic overall approach to the inspection, and it will also allow you the chance to be proactive with the smaller repairs.

The tech repairs the issue on the spot while inspecting other faulty or damaged areas by providing feedback on overall site conditions, safety code violations, and other proactive repairs.

The Main Value of a PM-Handyman Program

The greatest value of a preventative Handyman Program is by identifying and repairing issues before they become an official service request and the ability to perform scheduled work while on location.

When your handyman technician arrives for his routine visit, they will not only perform their inspection and make any repairs needed but will also look for possible issues not previously identified.

For example, the tech arrives for his routine visit but notices one of your signage lights isn’t working. Perhaps they notice a developing pothole in your parking lot, or they see that your fire extinguishers are past their inspection date. In both scenarios, they can help you get ahead of a possible larger issue.

Your handyman technician knows that repairing or calling out these out-of-scope issues can reduce the chances of them becoming larger issues in the immediate future. Thus, your handyman helps to mitigate those repairs early on, which benefits your maintenance budget in the long-run.

By standing up a preventative Handyman Program, you get the chance to drive down costs while improving the overall brand—a win-win for your company.

Consider engaging with a trusted partner who can help you develop some best practices for a future handyman program.


Align yourself with the best Handyman Programs for your multi-site portfolio by emailing us today!

15 Minute Lunch & Learn: Landscaping Capital Projects Best Practices

15 Minute Lunch & Learn: Landscaping Capital Projects Best Practices

15 Minute Lunch & Learn: Landscaping Capital Projects Best Practices

Did you know that Landscaping Capital Projects don’t have to overwhelm your teams in the field? This 15 minute (yes, 15 minutes!) webinar will help you navigate the process from scope design and permit pulling to how best to manage quality while executing landscape projects across your portfolio. Become an expert in how to manage your capital budgets and get noticed by your CFO (for the right reasons!)

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