Advisory Board

Ferrandino & Son’s Advisory Board provides industry leadership across a variety of verticals. Their mandate is to develop strategic solutions leveraging their specific market knowledge. Ferrandino & Son’s Advisory Board members are comprised of leading edge professionals from healthcare, retail, financial services, grocery, telecommunications and hotels and restaurants.

Joshua Neil Kugler, M.D.

Josh Kugler, Executive Director – Healthcare Division

Dr. Kugler currently holds the title of Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine for Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside, NY and Regional Medical Director for Island Medical Management. In addition to serving a residency at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Kugler also completed an Emergency Medicine Residency, as a Chief Resident at New York University School of Medicine/North Shore University Hospital. Dr. Kugler also has a Masters Degree in Healthcare Management from Harvard University.

Dr. Kugler will take an active role in program structure and design while hoping to push the healthcare industry as a whole to adopt more stringent guidelines in delivering a more-consistent experience for their patients across the country.  He sees Ferrandino & Son as being a critical player in this initiative due to their reach across a variety of patient-facing facility services.

Corey Roberts

Corey Roberts, Executive Director – Private Equity Division

Corey Roberts is the CEO and Founding Partner of Talent Equity Group (TEG), a leading provider of enterprise talent solutions for the Private Equity sector. Corey has 30+ years of experience as a trusted advisor and partner to Private Equity firms and CEO’s that rely on superior talent and the related processes involved as the foundation from which their investments and portfolio businesses can execute their strategy and outperform competition. Corey and his team have contributed to the success of 100’s of businesses across multiple industry sectors both domestically and internationally.

Corey is an industry expert and thought leader on how talent strategy impacts culture, customer experience, and contributes directly to business outcomes and the success of all people driven organizations.