Our Story

Ferrandino & Son has been a family owned company since our inception in 1993. Headquartered in Farmingdale, NY with a large Operations center in Audubon, PA, it is the people who show up for work every day who have built the Brand and solidified our reputation as a leading solution for Construction and Facility Services.

The foundation of the company was built on partnership, where it has manifested itself into Ferrandino & Son being recognized as a leader of educational content across the industry. Want to see why? Visit MYFMMasterclass.com and discover the most innovative, dynamic educational curriculum our industry has ever seen.

Our goals are well defined. We want to drive company growth but do it in a way that is sustainable and scalable. We want to create opportunities for our employees and position them to do great things here and great things in the future, regardless of where they take their own careers. Investing in our greatest assets will position the company and our employees for amazing things.

Our story is still being written. Do you want to help us write it?

Meet Our Team

Peter Ferrandino

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Ramsey


Kevin Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Rose

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Slezak

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Brian Amoroso

Vice President, Program Management

Melissa Gurga

Vice President, Facility Maintenance

Julian Ramon

Vice President, Information Technology

Natalie Walchonski

Vice President, Business Development

Tim Padden

Vice President, Business Development

Ken Vickery

Vice President, Business Development

Stefanie Driscoll

Vice President, Business Development

French Bolen

Vice President, Sign Solutions

Justin Decker

Senior Project Manager, Paving


Jim Shimala

Director of Field Operations

Katie Kulik

Director of Pricing and Marketing

Chris Casazza

Senior Director, Special Projects

Juan Vega

Director of Construction

John Bennett

General Counsel

Ed Gathman

General Counsel

Pete Smith

Director of Architecture

[ /]

James Stadter

Senior Manager, Marketing

Kathy O’Brien

Director of Human Resources

Nancy Russick

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Alex Clemente

Account Executive

Michael D’Amicantonio

Account Executive

David Long

Account Executive