About Us

A family owned company for more than 25 years, Ferrandino & Son has provided direct employment for more than 3,000 people across the United States, delivering on its promise to make a difference in the communities they call home.

About Ferrandino & Son

Ferrandino & Son began as a people company, a handshake representing their first-ever contract. A lot has changed in the last 25 years. Technology has become the engine that drives every service program and every 6 months it seems there is an innovative enhancement to that same technology.

But look past the platforms and portals and you will see thousands of people working hard to make sure Ferrandino & Son stays relevant in a constantly changing industry. To truly learn what Ferrandino & Son is about, you need to put a name to the faces that make a difference every day.



Meet Our Team

Peter Ferrandino

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Rose

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Gathman

General Co-Counsel

John Bennett

General Co-Counsel

Dave Magill

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Stefanie Driscoll

Vice President of Client Billing and Vendor Relations

Chris Casazza

Senior Director of Program Management

Joseph Lopardo

Senior Account Executive

Joe Corigliano

Director of Risk Management

Brian Amoroso

Senior Director of Program Management

Steve Vollrath

Director of Business Development

Natalie Walchonski

Director of Business Development

Tim Padden

Director of Business Development

Briana Tekverk

Director of Human Resources

Alison Brody

Director of Talent Acquisition

Juan Vega

Director of Construction

Melissa Cafaro

Marketing Manager

Michael Taub


Melina Lezis

Senior Manager of Compliance