4 Construction Tips for Your Next Franchise Build

Congratulations on your new franchise! Now that you’ve got your space, there are a few key things you have to consider before jumping right into construction. Let’s explore some quick solutions and tips that will help ease the transition for your new build-out.


One of the very first steps after obtaining
your franchise is reviewing your build-out
manual. This file provides specifications on
occupancy design criteria, installation
standards on fixtures and equipment, and
resources on your purchasing materials.

After reviewing your build-out manual, the
second step is to connect with a
contracting team to build-out your
franchise location. The manual will give
your contractor the right amount of
information to implement your dream
creation through a series of plans.

Quick Tip #1:

Confirm that the contractor you decide to work with understands the manual’s process. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of having your project denied by either the Area Director or your location’s municipality later on and lose valuable time and money.

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It’s no secret that the road to owning a franchise has no end to its list of responsibilities. That’s why partnering with the right contractor is so important.

Your partner will make sure to maintain your projects’ build-out while you stay focused on the aspects of marketing, employment management, and other developmental duties.

Quick Tip #2:

Remember, the right fit matters. Stay focused on your initiatives, and make sure your
contractor stays focused on theirs. If you partner with the wrong fit, you might end up
putting your progress on hold or delaying your construction.


Take a moment to realize the achievements you’ve already made in your franchise journey, and understand that you’re not the only one.

It’s okay to connect and network with fellow franchisees who’ve been through the build-out process before. They can help you identify and work through some common challenges they’ve faced during the permitting and construction process and provide useful feedback and insight.

Quick Tip #3:

Open up the conversation further and communicate your findings with your contractor to keep them in the loop. Communication is essential when starting your franchise build-out and construction.


Staying ahead of your build-out means planning early with your contracting partner.

Require your contractor to determine all of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) products, and have them ready as early as possible in the process while also considering the delivery times.

Quick Tip #4:

Integrating startup activities with your team’s construction calendar aligns your plans and expectations while helping to avoid costly miscommunications or conflicts.

The partnership between your franchise and your contractor should be a meaningful one.

Asking questions about how their team can help you set up your space that may be out-of-scope, like perhaps parking lot

paving opportunities or signage requirements, can target and grow your market’s engagement.

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