3 Hidden Construction Costs Your Franchise
Needs to Consider

Hidden costs typically end up costing you
more time and energy than probably
anything else throughout your franchise

Hidden costs can range from the slightest
details to massive faults within your
commercial property. Usually, you don’t
know about these fees until you plan your
construction or renovation project.

Before signing any lease on a commercial
property, consider a site evaluation to
uncover all those pesky surprises that will
affect your project’s scope of work and your
overall budget in advance.

Relying on more than 25-years of
Construction industry experience, here are
some of the most frequent examples to
help you get started:


The location of any newly installed sinks
and toilets is dependent on how you
properly secure your new features to the
current point of connection or to the main
sewer line itself.

Trenching the property can add a bundle to
your costs. Even if you’re not installing new
plumbing, the existing drainage condition
can be like an explosive waiting to go off.

We recommend that you establish your
plumbing conditions first and then figure
out accountability (tenant or landlord) for
any faulty features within your

To get the best site inspection possible,
contact a national GC to help you
thoroughly inspect your plumbing and

Contact Ferrandino & Son at (866) 571 – 4609 or email
sales@ferrandinoandson.com to talk more in-depth about your local franchise build-out now!


City permits are a complicated part of any
commercial renovation project. Of course,
permit processes vary per the geography.
However, every project will undergo this
kind of challenge at least once.

Any plan revisions are required to
incorporate some representation of your
project. For instance, if plan revisions are
necessary, you might have to increase your
budget to have an architect or engineer
alter your plans.

In addition to hiring specialists, you will also need to add labor costs to execute the plan revisions and go through the municipal approval process again.

Busy municipalities can take weeks to
months to approve your plans. The cost to
you is not just the architectural,
engineering, and permit fees, but also lost

To streamline this step, make sure your GC
can navigate the permitting process and
be the right advocate to voice your best


You may find that you need a service
upgrade (more electricity or gas) to add
more power to your space or for your

For example, if the existing property has 200 amps of power and you need 400 amps for a commercial kitchen, it may take several months to process these service upgrade requests.

Including a GC in this process to help
correspond and coordinate this upgrade
ensures field condition requirements and
mitigates further issues when an inspector
comes to inspect the job site.

Remember, hidden costs apply to almost
everything before beginning your
construction or renovation project.
Some hidden costs are unavoidable. Being
aware of them ahead of time can help you
plan and budget your project correctly and
even influence your commercial space.

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